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Summer Update

It’s been a while since we’ve communicated. I’d like to say thank you again for your support and help in the successful launch of my new book, Sheer Determination. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’ve been thinking about how I can serve you better. My desire is to share helpful information and tips that would inspire and move you towards creating a more meaningful life and a better world. If you have any ideas about how I can serve you better, I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me your ideas in the comment area.

Book Reviews Are an Important Service to Other Customers

Want to know something quick you can do to help others while also helping to give my book a boost? Have you had a chance to read Sheer Determination yet? Many readers have told me that they found the book hard to put down once they started and several have written Amazon reviews and rated the book 5 out of 5 Stars. Would you be so kind as to take a moment to write an Amazon review as well? Great, good, or not so good, no matter your rating, I will take it! To leave a quick review simply CLICK HERE then scroll down to Customer Reviews. Click the button that says “Write a customer review.” Thank you!

A Thoughtful Reader Recently Sent me This Uplifiting Feedback:

“[Sheer Determination] would make a great book for any community college or college class relating to cosmetology, entrepreneurship, or small business management.  The combination of honest personal stories of challenges and successes, gender issues…the male “expert”…, the importance of continuous training and team development, and the details about the various governmental, financial, and legal resources that you became acquainted with along the way makes it very engaging reading…like a mystery unfolding…as well as very educative and inspiring. You really did a wonderful, wonderful job with this book! Just the right approach to keep the reader going.”
“Sheer Determination gives hope to all “dreamers” that with “sheer determination” and love and talent for what they do, one can accomplish anything one sets out to do.”

An Exciting Partnership with the King County Library System – Save the Date!

Keiko’s Journey Book Reading Drama has caught the eye of the King County Libraries. Our first showing will launch at the Mercer Island Library on October 8, 2017 at 3pm. The cast members and I are very excited about this opportunity and looking forward to sharing a sliver of history from WWII and the effect it had on so many. My hope is to reach as many libraries in our area as possible. Stay tuned for more details as events are added.




Clearing Your Mind and Bringing New Energy Through Creativity

I just had to do it. I squeezed in this little project to brighten up my outlook and it did the trick. I wanted to use something different to create this little bear. I scrimped up some bits and pieces of scrap paper, cut out the shapes, pasted them onto a piece of card stock and created a collage art. You should try it. It took only 30 minutes!



Remember to please post your Sheer Determination review on Amazon. It only takes a moment but it will help me immensely!

Thank you so much for your continued support and interest in my work. I’ll be in touch again soon.









A Chapter for Every Occasion

Book readings and signings have always been challenging for me. It’s not that I don’t like public speaking, I actually enjoy that part. What I get nervous about is that I’ll be stuck in a quiet corner of a bookstore with a pile of my books, nothing to say and worse yet, nobody to listen. Thankfully, that has never happened… in fact, last week, it was quite the opposite! Read more

Grateful, Joyful, Amazed…

I am so happy to report that my book hit #1 on Amazon’s Women and Business Best Sellers!

I am having a difficult time finding the right words to express how grateful I feel for all of you, my loyal supporters. Many of you were by my side as I struggled to finish my book, Sheer Determination, and then during my big book launch you came through with your orders! What a thrill it was to see my book sandwiched between Sheryl Sandberg’s and Ivanka Trump’s on the Women and Business Best Sellers page! Read more

The Importance of Sharing Our Stories

I recently spoke at the Japanese Cultural Center’s Tomodachi Luncheon in Seattle. Tomodachi means friend in Japanese, and in that spirit, this annual luncheon brings together new and existing members of the community to help support and secure the existence of the Cultural Center and its programs.

In my speech, I shared my feelings about the importance of sharing your story, especially in this day and age of “Fake News” and other opressive policies.

A Case of Sheer Determination

Kay's Interview with the North American Post

As the owner of a small business, Kay Hirai has dedicated her life to running an ethical business that helps her employees, customers, and the community. In her third book, “Sheer Determination,” she details her 40-year journey of self-discovery and perseverance to create a salon that is widely admired for its cutting-edge business philosophies. Recently, Kay took some time from her always busy schedule to discuss the book with staff of the North American Post. 

North American Post (NAP): You have written two other books, Keiko’s Journey and Yumi’s Life Lessons. What motivated you to write Sheer Determination?

 Keiko Kay Hirai (KKH): I had been thinking about writing a book about my business for a long time. My memoir, Keiko’s Journey, was written first because I felt that writing about my childhood would provide a strong foundation for Sheer Determination. Yumi’s Life Lessons was something I wrote on the spur of the moment after my beloved Jack Russell Terrier, Yumi passed on at the young age of four. I didn’t want to forget her sweetness and how she pushed me to live a happier life.

In Sheer Determination, I wanted to document my experiences because I knew that it would help me to feel more secure and complete as a person. I didn’t want to forget the ups and downs of going through the lifelong journey of building my business and the lessons I learned along the way. Additionally, I wanted the “real” news about small businesses to be heard. Most people believe in the “fake” news, i.e., starting one’s own entrepreneurial enterprise instantly leads to enormous wealth. Instead of focusing on “get rich” schemes, I want to help women and men who aspire to be in business, who are already operating their own businesses, or who are looking for a sense of purpose in their lives.  I want to help them uncover the core values that lay deep within each one of us, waiting to be stirred and awakened. The bottom line is Read more