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Announcing My First Book Introduction Event

I will be signing books at our Annual Angels for the Animal event on December 5th 10AM – 4PM at my salon, Studio 904 Hair Design. Come and help the Animal Welfare organizations we are supporting by buying unique hand-made gifts for the holidays, purchase raffle tickets to enter winning wonderful gifts, and get signed copies of Keiko’s Journey and Yumi’s Life Lessons. Why am I excited? I will be donating 20% from the sale of both books to help the animals in need. You can be an Angel for the animals by purchasing your own signed copies of the books! Oh, and don’t forget to invite your friends. I know they will enjoy coming to this event.

In a few more days, I will post the next book event plus links on this website where the books can be ordered on-line. Hope to see you on December 5th!

Holiday Angel Event (1)


Feeling Vulnerable

S W I M I N T H E S E A (1)

Breath, inhale, exhale…focus on the things on hand.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m sure that you’ve had weeks when you felt like this, right?

“I don’t know if I can do this,” I’ve repeated these words a hundred times in the past two weeks. Read more

Five Things I Learned from Yumi

Yumi's Life Lessons

Thank you all for the encouraging comments you wrote after reading the excerpt from the first chapter of my new book, Keiko’s Journey. My spirits were definitely lifted as I read through your thoughtful feedback.

Today, I have some more good news to reveal! Some of you know that a while ago, I self-published a book called Yumi’s Life Lessons… How to Empower Yourself and Turn Everyday Into a Happy Day. It is hard to believe, but that was ten years ago! I am so happy to announce that a second edition of Yumi’s book will soon be released with some brand new content! Read more

New Website, New Book and More

Keiko's Journey by Kay Hirai

I am excited to inform you that my new book, Keiko’s Journey, will soon go to print. I have been working on this for over two years and it is deeply gratifying that my story has been documented.

I must admit, it was a painful experience for me to think back so many years ago and recollect the memorable moments in my childhood. There were so many times I wanted to give up writing this book because exposing myself to the world in this way made me feel afraid and vulnerable. Yet, deep in my heart, I was convinced that my story needs to be shared. I hope to inspire the thousands of men and women who are now going through the same torment as I did, stranded between two countries and feeling as though they don’t belong to either one. Read more