Five Things I Learned from Yumi

Yumi's Life Lessons

Thank you all for the encouraging comments you wrote after reading the excerpt from the first chapter of my new book, Keiko’s Journey. My spirits were definitely lifted as I read through your thoughtful feedback.

Today, I have some more good news to reveal! Some of you know that a while ago, I self-published a book called Yumi’s Life Lessons… How to Empower Yourself and Turn Everyday Into a Happy Day. It is hard to believe, but that was ten years ago! I am so happy to announce that a second edition of Yumi’s book will soon be released with some brand new content!

All of the powerful life lessons from the first edition are still included, but, among other things, I have added an inspiring chapter about dog owners from different walks of life. Similar to the strong bond that I had with Yumi, others have shared their heartfelt accounts about the important life lessons they have learned from their pets. Every time I read their stories, I become emotional because they truly touch the human spirit. I know you will relate to them and will be moved as well.

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t open up this little book and look for answers to the problems I am facing. When I start reading, I quickly find the answers I am looking for. And, with the help of Yumi’s wisdom, it always gives me a fresh perspective on life in general.

I’d like to share a few lessons I learned from Yumi in this excerpt from Chapter 7 of the second edition of Yumi’s Life Lessons. After reading, would you please share your thoughts in the comment section? I would love to hear your feedback about anything that resonates with you.

What I learned:

• Power does not lie only in the biggest companies, richest individuals, or strongest, most dominant figures. A small person has just as much power if he or she would only remind themselves that “I am somebody and I am important.”

• As a small business owner, I used to feel inferior to owners of large companies who exercised their muscles like a proverbial 500 lb. guerilla. Now I am able to appreciate the difference my small business can make in the lives of my employees and my community.

Yumi in agility class
Yumi in our agility class where we both learned so much.

• When someone gives me a compliment, I can now say, “Thank you!” instead of making excuses about why I don’t deserve praise. Think how often we put ourselves down instead of accepting praise from others.

• When I feel like I’ve been backed into a corner, I try to remember how Yumi showed her bravery. Stand firm and face the problem rather than run away.

• With Yumi, I learned to always be light on my feet and be ready for the changing wind, aware that its direction can change at any time without a moment’s notice.


Barb Hall

Thank you, Kay! I look forward to the release of this book, as well as Keiko’s Journey. I so loved reading your excerpt. Thank you for sharing your Light with the world.


Barb, I’m sure you are learning a lot from Lady as well. It is amazing what our pets teach us… gratitude, humility, forgiveness, patience and more. I would love it if you would share something from yours and Lady’s experience.