A Valentine Message…

Wishing you a happy heart day! This girl is a part of my card deck, MAGICAL MIND-SHIFTS…Ignite Your Inner Power, Build a Business and life you love! Today is a special day and I wanted to introduce this sweet “modern-day Japanese Kokeshi Girl” to you! Pay attention to her powerful message. I always listen to her message because I have a bad habit of thinking that I can change others. I don’t like the stress it puts on me when I think that way. Can you relate?

Here’s the message:
CHANGE… If you are seeking change, first create change within yourself, instead of trying to change others.
Your Task: Ask yourself this question. “What kind of change can I create so that goodness will spill out into the world?”
YOUR “AHA” MOMENT: You realize that you are taking steps to create a better world by reinventing yourself everyday.

How Do You Communicate?

This is my 62nd drawing I finished to be added to my Magical Mindset card deck and I’ve become so fond of this card that I wanted to share it with you its message. The title of this card is APPROACH.

This type of labeling takes place often in my business. I hear someone saying, “She is lazy! She never cleans up her work are”. Can you see how easy it is put a label on someone? It always works out better if you address the behavior by saying something like, “I noticed that you left work yesterday forgetting to sweep your work area. I know that you were in a hurry but I just wanted to remind you so you will remember to do it today. Thanks, I really appreciate your hard work in keeping our workplace as pristine as possible.”

Approach – When a person feels like they are being unfairly labeled or attacked, their first instinct is to go on the defensive.

Your Task – Address the behavior, not the PERSON.

Your “Aha!” Moment – The person acknowledges your concern and understands the true intent of your message. Without being confrontational, you have left their self-esteem intact!

Too bad that we hear this kind of labeling everyday from our government leaders. It makes us all upset when we hear people of different ethnic backgrounds, gender, disabilities and lifestyles being labeled with a negative message. Each one of us can create a more loving world if we are mindful not to put labels on people. What do you think? Do you like the message on this very last card I created? I’d love to hear from you. Please share your own experiences and ideas below.