A Class to Awaken Spring!

What do you think of when the days begin to lengthen and the weather brings peaks of sunshine and warmth to warm up your soul? I’m pretty certain that you think of words like, new beginning, transformation, renewed energy, and get an itch to do something new and different. Well me too!

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My video on Abundance

Here is the original card I drew and painted for the word ABUNDANCE. I fell in love with this girl and the dog looking out the window to see the world outside of her house. The bird is sweeping past flying towards the array of opportunities that lay ahead in the wide open world. Can you feel the freedom of opening your mind up and coming up with other opportunities when a door suddenly closes? It will happen for you too!

Coming Soon… I will have some of my card deck’s original artwork for sale in my Artfulgivingshop (or click the SHOP tab above). If you have a request for a specific design, you can let me know by posting below.