Six Simple Steps to Save Our Home.

Here is an excerpt from an open letter from Bill Gates and his views on the Corona Virus: “It is reminding us that this Earth is sick. It is reminding us that we need to look at the rate of deforestation just as urgently as we look at the speed at which toilet rolls are disappearing of shelves. WE ARE SICK BECAUSE OUR HOME (EARTH) IS SICK.

These simple steps are so easy for you to take everyday to nurture our sick earth back to health.

Six Easy Steps You Can Take to Save Our Home (Earth).

  1. Do not use plastic straws instead, use no straws or sip your drinks from bio-degradable paper straws. Read about how to dispose of your straws here.
  2. When you go grocery shopping, bring your own paper bags in the car. When you check out, refuse the bags. Instead, put all your items back in your shopping cart and roll it to your car, and transfer your products into your own bags that you brought.
  3. When you order take-out food, ask the restaurant if they package their food in bio-degradable containers. Customers have the power to change old habits into new ones in businesses.
  4. Are your grocery bags stacking up in your home? Use paper bags as a base for your creative projects.
  5. Know your recycling and composting procedures. Learn how to recycle everything in your home. Here’s how.
  6. When you dispose of your face masks, make sure to cut the loops off of the masks. This simple act will save the sea mammals and land animals from getting caught up in the loops.

I know that many of you know more than I do in this area. I would love it if you can be so kind as to share with us what simple acts you are doing to save our earth. Let’s do this together!

News from the Artful Giving Community

We are painting, cutting, and designing precious art projects using brown grocery bags. Take a look at Piper’s imaginative creation. I am proud to have these beautiful and mindful members who joined me and are creating small art treasures in our membership program. Self-care is a big part of this community. Painting and cutting like how kids do it is definitely fun and brings us joy!

Our Virtual Halloween Art Party is On!

Thank you for your emails and encouragement for me to open up this art workshop for FREE! I’m finding that teaching is my love and I get so much energy, self-revelation, and happiness when I am planning course contents and sharing my knowledge and love for life with others who are looking for this kind of connection with other like-minded people…people who embrace life-long learning.

So here we go, I’m ready to teach, connect and have fun with you…creating whimsical and colorful Halloween decorations.

This workshop is for: Kids, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers and Students.

Yes, you can bring your dogs too. They love Halloween. Please join me here!

You can register here!

Fall, Harvest, and an Idea

What did I do this morning?

I participated in the “WOMEN TOGETHER” Zoom meeting, hosted by Margaret Shrum, Manager of the Eileen Fisher store. We meditated and shared with each other what the word “HARVEST” meant to each one of us. We left the meeting with inspiration and gratitude in our hearts. We each made a promise to do something that would bring joy to others around us and to our earth.

“I believe that a powerful collective energy emerges when women connect with other women”. – EILEEN FISHER –

Watch my video to find out about my idea…

What do you think about my idea? If you like it and think kids and adults would be interested in signing up for this FREE ZOOM workshop, let me know. If I get enough interest (ten people) I will move ahead.

These are the Halloween decorations I display in my salon. Can you believe that these are made from brown paper grocery bags? I’m happy that so many of our clients love them!

Never Underestimate the Power of Small Things

Did you know that all big things start with small things? I love getting started with ideas in my head by scribbling or doodling one simple object like a cat, flower, girl, watermelon, socks, sunshine, etc. I collect all my doodlings in a scrapbook and pick one image. Then I begin thinking of all the different ways to expand and make it more creative. To me, creativity is taking the original butterfly (an example) and add personality to it to suit my personal style. Then I add stories to the image and turn it into a visual storyboard. This is a powerful way to communicate with others to get your ideas across. More to come on this project in the Artful Giving Community.

Today is the last day to sign up. Registration link is below!

Thank you for listening to a week of me talking about the Artful Giving Community. Well, today is the last day to register and I hope you will join me. Your launching membership price for three months of workshops, weekly programs, fun, and personal self-care is well worth it for the launching member’s price of $60, don’t you think? 

If you have any questions, please reach me at: [email protected].

Sign up today here! I look forward to seeing in the inside of our community.