A Cruel Surprise: 30 Days Abundance, Day 25

Corona Virus Covid-19 Small Business Relief Fund:

It feels as though history is repeating itself. The news reports that large corporations were given the money first and now the Small Business Relief Fund has run out of money. (According to national standards, any company that employs 500 or fewer employees are considered small businesses.) Listen to my audio story below and you will see why I say history is repeating itself.


The wind’s direction can change at any time without notice.

Walk lightly, but always maintain your balance. By standing firm, you know that you are now prepared to withstand the shaky ground or storm that will eventually come your way.

It turned out that I never received the $150,000. reimbursement funds dedicated to building another salon as I was promised by Metro. I was told that they ran out of funds that were dedicated to the Small Business Relief Fund. Does this sound familiar?

But for this time around I have learned my lesson. I choose not to concentrate on things I have no control over… instead, I want to think about things that I can do to make a difference. If I adopt this attitude, and only after I’m able to think out of the box, I know that a window will open up and my creativity and resourcefulness will kick in. This is the way to keep my power within me…not to weaken my power by giving it away to outside sources. Now, take action!

It’s not too late to catch up…

If you’re getting started late or joining us in the middle of these 30 Days of Abundance, here’s a quick list of what I’ve covered so far. I hope you’ll go back and find inspiration wherever it feels like a good fit for what’s happening in your life!

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Michele Aoki

Dear Kay,
I remember that chapter of your book very well. It made me think of this story.

Before Paul and I got married (1988) in about the mid-1980’s, his parents ran a cafe and French pastry shop in downtown Seattle at Westlake, Mignonne. It was very popular with so many people who worked or came downtown. Then the city decided to build Westlake Mall, and Tak and Ruth had to relocate. I believe they got some funds (not sure if they got all that they should have). Eventually, they found a location on Broadway and opened a Japanese Sushi and Robata Grill, Aoki Restaurant.

That restaurant became the center of our family’s life. Paul’s cousin Hitoshi from Osaka was the sushi chef and he bought it from Paul’s parents in the mid-1990’s. His friend, Natsuyoshi Toyoda, also worked there for some time before opening his own restaurant (Toyoda Sushi on Lake City Way). Hitoshi finally sold the restaurant last spring. When our family heard that it was going to be sold, we went there for about six dinners in two weeks. It was a sad moment for us. Unfortunately, the new owners were not able to make a go of it, so it’s closed now.

As sad as it was to see Hitoshi sell it last spring, I’m so relieved that it went out in all of its glory, months before COVID-19 might have closed it for good.

I worked at a number of small restaurants (Mr. D’s Greek Restaurant on 1st and Madison; Yugoslavia on Brooklyn Ave NE, and Taj Mahal on Roosevelt). I really feel for the small business owner.

I hope you will be able to get the funds for your business soon. Thanks for staying courageous and balanced.



Michele, thank you for sharing Paul’s family business and its history. This is the reason why I like to share stories because someone always resonates with it and brings to the forefront of their own stories and experiences. I remember Paul telling me that their family was always tied to their restaurant, working hard every day. He wished that their family could go on vacation as their friends did.


Hi Kay-
I use Umpqua Bank. I like it because it’s a smaller bank. They have a branch on Mercer Island. I used to use US Bank, but it became too impersonal. Who do you use?


We have most of our stuff at Wells Fargo but they have not been reaching out. Key Bank reached out to me so I submitted mine through them.

Peggy Pomeroy

Kay, so interesting to hear more about your life. You have been through a lot and are a true survivor!



Peggy, thanks for watching. You are a survivor too! Keep swimming!


I was told I was approved and I signed the documents over the weekend. They said that they have up to 10 days to deposit the funds. The clock is ticking! Have you heard anything? It might be a good idea to contact your bank. I have talked to my bank a couple of times. Good luck!!! Stay safe!


congratulations. I’m still waiting. Which bank did you apply?


Hi Kay-
What challenges! Have you applied for the CARE’s funds, especially the PPP? I can’t tell from from your post. If you have applied, though, it should come through. This is such a stressful time! Take care, be safe and stay healthy!


Hi Tish, yes I’ve applied for the PPP. No word yet. How about you??