A New Idea!

Teaching is one of my favorite things to do…

Over the last few months, I took the opportunity to teach a few flower painting classes using watercolors. From what people told me both during and after the classes, I quickly learned how much they enjoyed the process of not only developing their creative talents but also connecting with a community of like-minded people. In particular, one student’s comment really resonated with me: “I loved how you combined creative learning and self-care! It awakened a part of me that was asleep!”


After watching this group devour all sorts of new information as well as improve their skills in just a few days, I knew that this was just the beginning of something special. This one experience made me realize that I had so many more project ideas that I could share! I instantly decided that I wanted to teach people all sorts of things that I’ve created over the years while marketing and branding my socially-responsible business, producing arts and crafts to raise money for my philanthropy causes, and teaching art classes in local art stores. I definitely wasn’t done yet.  

So, I’ve been thinking…

What if there was a small community of people that I could both teach and learn from? And what would happen if each member of the community could learn from one another? The wonderful magic that we create could be transformed into a concept I’d like to call:  “Artful Giving.” The idea behind Artful Giving would be to involve yourself in a unique and creative journey to make beautiful, but simple, hand-made treasures that would be identified by your own personal brand. The end result would be sharing art with people around you to bring true joy to their lives – something that is much needed in these current, uncertain times. 

Keep your eyes open. I will be sending you an invitation to join me in a few days. I am really excited about launching this community. I hope you will become a launching member of the Artful Giving Community!