As the owner of a small business (Studio 904 salon on Mercer Island), Kay Hirai has dedicated her life to running an ethical business that helps her employees, customers, and the community. In her third book, “Sheer Determination,” she details her 40-year journey of self-discovery and perseverance to create a salon that is widely admired for its cutting-edge business philosophies.

Kay’s core values are based on the Kaizen principles of life-long learning in small incremental steps. In addition to “Sheer Determination,” she has written two other books, “Yumi’s Life Lessons” a collection of stories taught to her by her beloved Jack Russell Terrier and “Keiko’s Journey” which chronicles her childhood in Japan during WWII. Kay Hirai regularly hosts charity events at her salon and now lives on Mercer Island with her husband and dog.

Kay Hirai and Max

About Me: I have so many interests and projects I want to accomplish that I never have enough time in the day.  People always ask, “When do you sleep?!”

I love engaging in social entrepreneurship, fundraising for causes, and helping my staff accomplish their goals. My love for handcrafting beautiful art items has emerged over the last decade. In addition to writing, I’ve discovered techniques that combine beautiful colors and whimsical shapes in everything I do.

Why do I blog? Because throughout my life’s journey, I have encountered many “a-ha” moments. These ideas and concepts help me to keep the sun shining in my day. I want to share my excitement in everything I do with the world. My goal is to touch you in small ways, to help empower you to create a happy day for yourself and others around you.


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