Abundance: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 30

We did it! We made it through the 30 Days of Abundance. Let’s celebrate and pat ourselves on the back. Please watch my video of appreciation.


When a door unexpectedly closes, take a few moments to sit in silence. In a short period of time, a window will open with an abundance of new options to pursue.

Think of all of the times there were seemingly no good options to pursue, but better opportunities eventually emerged. You realize that there is always more than one way to handle any situation, good or bad.

Now it’s time to dream your dream, see the abundance, find your purpose and step into action!

You can download this template and add your favorite colors, and write your own dreams and goals

I created a daily content to share with you by pulling one of the cards from my Magical Mindshift Card Deck. This inspirational card deck was created because I wanted to share the things that I have learned from building a life and business I love.

If you would like to have your own card deck to bring you inspiration daily, or give as a gift to a special person in your life, you can purchase one here.

To create a happy and fulfilling life requires clarity in thinking, courage, and self-motivation. We have the power to change the way we think simply by changing the words we use. That’s why I love positive words, like the ones I have included in this deck. They propel your thoughts in a constructive direction and force you to focus on what you want to achieve. By putting yourself on the right track and following your values, you are choosing to live a life of purpose.

How do you begin? Start by making small changes – word by word – and you will soon find that you have more balance in your life and are creating a happy life that you love to live.

I would love to hear your final thoughts about the 30 Days of Abundance plus any ideas you have on how it can be improved.

On another note, do you remember the Six Ingredients recipes that I asked you to send in? I will send them to you on Thursday. You won’t want to miss them!

Here’s another chance for you to access any of the 30 Days of Abundance.

I hope you’ll go back and find inspiration wherever it feels like a good fit for what’s happening in your life!

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Wow, Kay! I am truly impressed and extremely inspired by your thoughts and your books, and of course your salon! Thank you for jump starting ideas and feelings that I never paid attention to! You are amazing!


Hi Martha, thank you very much for giving me such positive input. Of course, this is only a beginning… each one of the postings (each word) can be developed into a further study to develop your personal power.

Charlene Nakayama

BRAVO!!! You did it!!!
Thank you for sharing personal stories, great ideas, music ,art and many more. I learned SO much. I appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness.
Please take care!
Hugs and smiles,


Oh, you were there Charlene? I feel honored! Thanks for staying with me.


Thank you very much for the 30 Days of Abundance. I looked forward to hearing what you had to say every day. I will miss these messages. Hope you could continue longer. This has really had me think about myself and how I can achieve happiness.


Thank you Marlene! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. I had a great time too.

Ann Erickson

Thank you for sharing so many thoughts and ideas. I’ve been passing them onto friends. We’ll all see you soon.


Hi Ann, you are the example of a person who plans ahead and actually takes action to make things happen. You are in a good spot so enjoy your life!