Advance Praise for Sheer Determination


“In Sheer Determination,) Kay Hirai has captured the essence of what being an entrepreneur is all about. Her story methodically details the challenges, hard-fought successes … and the ever-present setbacks of growing a small business in this or any economy. Kay’s words speak from her heart about the courage and tenacity it takes to keep a vision alive when landlords deceive and bankers refuse to believe … because the business just happens to be a hair salon. In an industry known for its lack of business sophistication and employee turnover, Kay proves that the right leadership, culture, business skills and best practices can turn “just a hair salon” into an extraordinary, profitable, world-class business worthy of the highest recognition.”

Neil Ducoff, Founder & CEO of Strategies and author of the award-winning book, No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking & Behavior


“What do a small business and a large non-profit have in common?  Plenty when it is Studio 904 and Northwest Harvest. Making a difference for those in need, demonstrating that philanthropy is not only good for the community but also good for business, standing up for what is important, understanding the power of volunteering – these are all themes that are powerfully displayed in this book (Sheer Determination).  As an early innovator, Kay has always considered giving back to the community as part of being in business.  She knows that everyone does well when all, including customers, employees, and people in the community who need help, do well.  This is the basis of her well known and successful employee training program, her renowned customer service salon and her drive to combine her passion for her business with her passion for helping others.  Her insights are sensitive, sensible and wise.   As I have told her more than once Kay is my hero.”

Shelley Rotondo, Executive Director, Northwest Harvest


“As an early social entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest, Kay Hirai was a pioneer in using strategic, business techniques to not only generate revenue but also create positive, social change for the community and revolutionize her industry. In Sheer Determination, she shares her experiences from her early days as a budding entrepreneur to a seasoned business leader. The book is packed with advice thats spot-on for anyone wanting to be more successful and find more joy in work and life.”

Whitney Keyes, Founder and CEO, WK Productions, author of Propel


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