Angels: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 8

Welcome to 30 days of Abundance, Day 8. I’m delighted that you are here. Today’s topic is Angels. As you watch the video, repeat this in your head, “There lies an Angel within me.” Now let’s see what will happen once you realize that you are an Angel. I think someting magic might happen… that’s why my card deck is titled Magical Mindshifts!

Angels Are All Around Us

Angels are here to protect you. You can also be an Angel to others.

Always remember that an Angel exists within each one of us.

Angels are good no matter what they have to teach us.

I was able to make these cards quickly by water coloring simple designs on watercolor card stock. I made some with cutting and pasting scrap origami papers and pasted them onto the card stocks. I will send these cards out to a list of vulnerable people who are shut-in and isolated. I can already envision the smiles on their faces when they receive my cards.

Also, do you remember my favorite Bunny who made eye contact with me while I made my last few videos? I made a Bunny thank you card that I will hang on my door for the people who deliver my groceries, books, and my favorite art supplies.

You Can Spread Joy in Small, Easy Ways

I’d love to hear who you picked as the recipients of your love and gratitude. Even if you don’t send cards, you can make a phone call or even simpler, a text or an email? Angels deliver their stardust in many ways.

Thank you for sharing your comments and stories with me. You’re an Angel to me when you take the time to reach out and tell me what you’ve been doing! I know that we all benefit when we share experiences with one another.

Please Tell Me What You Think

Do you like when I share information about my favorite art supplies? Many people now have time to experiment with new art mediums and I would encourage you to do the same! If you want to give watercolors a try, I’d recommend starting with something like this Sakura Koi 30-color set. I’m drawn to these wonderfully rich vibrant colors. For paper, the choices can be overwhelming but as long as you understand that cold press means that the surface will have some texture to it and hot press will be more smooth, then it’s easier to narrow down your choices. For me, this affordable Strathmore Cold Press paper works nicely.

*The links shared above are Amazon affiliate links which means that (at no cost to you) I get a small commision if you click through and make a purchase. I only share information about items that I have used for a long time and found to be reliable and worth recommending.


Sue Willey

Kay, this is so timely. Yesterday I sent a big box of cookies to the community home where my son with disabilities lives. I cannot visit (except through his bedroom window). 2-3 staff members are there at a time. They are doing extra cleaning for safety and extra house activities since the four residents can’t go to their usual community activities, as well as all the other support they provide. No one, either residents or staff, has gotten sick. They keep showing up and doing a terrific job.


HiSue, thanks for sharing. I know you made the staff feel appreciated by your thoughtful act. I think appreciation is the root of motivation. How they feel about you will spill over to how they feel about Kelly. You should pat yourself on the back for doing something that most people don’t do.