An Open-Hearted Conversation about Race

I’ve known Antuan for five years. As we worked in the salon together, we talked about our customers, our work, and occasionally about our families.

I didn’t have the courage to ask him about his feelings and thoughts about the human injustice that’s been displayed towards Black Americans and people of color in our country.

I finally got the courage to ask Antuan if he would be willing to engage in a video conversation with me where we both share with each other about our feelings during this time of unrest and anger in our country.

Antuan agreed and we shot this video.

I found out that Antuan and I have something in common… drawing and love for our animal friends. I asked him if I can share a few of his artwork and he agreed. His art is so different from my art and when I thought about our differences, I realized this is what makes America great. It’s because every ethnic group brings their unique cultural gifts to the table. When we are able to open our eyes and hearts and learn from each other, the end product is called INNOVATION!

Thank you Antuan for opening up your heart to me. We all have a lot to learn from each other. We will create societal changes by working together toward our goal.


lee larson

Kai, once again I respect, admire and love you for your heartfelt perspective, willingness to listen, introducing us to this lovely man Antuan and my wish I would be honored to have his children in my class within a school somewhere..just to hug and embrace them and encourage them to be :their own person”, the best they can be and I pray as they grow today they will be cautious but have the promise if they do make mistakes growing up, they will receive understanding and guidance knowing they will not have to sacrifice everything in doing so. Prayer and belief in their own form of Higher Power could be a guidance if they so choose. True love is more than just acceptance.


Hi Kay! Thank you for sharing your and Antuan’s stories. I enjoyed getting to know you both a little better and hope to learn more. You both are making a difference. I hope the conversation spreads out and encompasses the rest of the world.


Dear Paula, We all need to get to know each other a little better…we will learn to become more patient of others if we did.


My loyalty, respect and affection for Antuan has its roots in his natural competence, and I think it’s the theme of who he is. It’s impossible not to see it. I’m not surprised he’s an artist, too. Oh, and an electrician, and he’s just getting started. He’s been on my mind a lot these last three weeks, so this video is a gift. Thank you for making it. Antuan, I’ll walk alongside you any day.


Dear Susan, Thank you for your generous comment. It was great getting to know Antuan a little better. He is truly a kind soul.


Dear Susan, I forwarded your comment to Antuan. He will appreciate reading what you said. Thank you!


Thank you Kay and Antuan!
This was a great conversation to share!

Nancy Ziebart


Hope it happens. I will look forward to it! Kudos to you!


Thank you, Kay and Antuan for such an interesting and brave conversation. Such a good introduction to continued dialogue. I feel like it could have gone on for hours.


Thank you Tish for your comment. I feel like we can go a lot deeper than we did. I will think about doing another one when Antuan feels more comfortable to share his deeper feelings.