Book Introduction and Commemorating World War ll


Book Launch party

Thank you for attending the launch event for my new book, “Keiko’s Journey,” on December 13 at the Nagomi Tea House. I was overwhelmed and so grateful to see the huge turnout of friends, family, and community members. The entire event was more than I could have hoped for and a perfect way to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War ll.

It was an emotional evening for me as I relived the relentless bomb attacks we endured until the atomic bomb was dropped on the peaceful city of Nagasaki, nearly wiping out the entire city. In spite of the sad memories, the evening turned out to be a heartwarming occasion.

It was wonderful to see and overhear the friendly exchanges that took place between old and newfound friends. Many people approached me to express their desires to write their own childhood memories and I strongly encouraged them to do so.

Thank you again to those who took the time to walk with me through “Keiko’s Journey,” the story of my own experiences growing up in post-war Japan.

A special note of appreciation to those who have provided their continued support:
Tomio Moriguchi and Elaine Ko for hosting this event at the Nagomi Tea House, Paul Kikuchi for presenting his Grandfather’s music, “Songs of Nihonmachi,” the North American Post, Chin Music Press, Soy Source, and the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington.

As a result of your enthusiastic book purchases that were made during the event, I was able to make a $400 donation to the North American Post Foundation!

With Gratitude,

Keiko Kay Hirai

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