Yumi’s Life Lessons

Yumi's Life Lessons book

How to Empower Yourself and Turn Every Day Into a Happy Day


Being an owner of two busy hair salons with twenty five employees has kept me focused on business survival.

You might say that my life was not well rounded.

Yumi came into my life and demanded that I create some playtime with her. We enjoyed spending time in the nature, went to agility training, and built relationships with owners and their pets. I carved out the time from my busy schedule to spend time with her.

Dogs have an amazing ability to live in the moment and appreciate life in a way that we humans seem to struggle with.

Named in honor of my beloved late Jack Russell Terrier, Yumi, it is my hope that Yumi’s Life Lessons, will help inspire you to live your best life.


Just as I did with the first edition of Yumi’s Life Lessons,  I will be donating 15% from the sale of each book to a selected group of worthwhile animal welfare organizations.

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