Brainstorming with a Respected Friend

This morning I met with my friend and colleague Tassie Christopher for breakfast at a new Bakery that opened in Mercer Island. We meet quarterly to share with each other what’s been happening in our lives and talk about innovative ideas that we have in our heads.

I asked Tassie, “Are you enjoying the summer season with more daytime hours, sunshine and playtime?”. She replied, “Yes, but time is flying by so fast. Soon September will be here. It’s time to focus and get serious about our entrepreneurial ventures”.

“Well, we need to boost our energy quickly to do that,” I replied with a light hearted laugh.

Getting back to my point…

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Have a great weekend!


How to Approach Fearful Situations with Confidence

Have you ever heard of oracle cards? For years I’ve used them to help make decisions or unblock fears that are getting in my way. Oracle cards come in all shapes and sizes but they’re usually a small deck of cards with various inspirational words or phrases on them. I recently decided it was time to create my own set starting with a paper tiger.

Why start with a tiger? As I explain in the video above, my dear business mentor once explained to me that our fears are like tigers but we must realize that they are only made of papers and paper tigers are easily defeated with the right frame of mind.
Eventually I’d like to offer a full deck of inspirational oracle cards with my original artwork on each card. For now, I invite you to CLICK HERE for a free download about overcoming your fears and facing every situation with confidence. I hope you find it helpful and I wish you a wonderful day!

Why Celebrate Local Businesses?

In honor of National Small Business Week, I’d like to encourage everyone to shop local! As a Small Business Administration’s SCORE Mentor, I’m more enthused than ever to support entrepreneurs. Let’s all help business owners to succeed in building unique businesses that help to build healthy communities.

It has been disturbing for me to see so many of my favorite local small businesses shut down.  We all know that high vacancy rates in our communities invite crime and general deterioration of the area, which devalues our housing prices along with diminished community image.

My favorite shopping places are scrapbooking and stamping stores. Two of my favorites were located in Issaquah, just a few miles east of where I live. One of the stores, Lasting Impressions has already closed its doors. I seriously went into depression about this! I sent an email to Shirley, the store’s owner and expressed how much I will miss shopping there. My dog Max and I spent many hours in this store, browsing through its numerous aisles which were filled with stamps of all kinds. It was a good feeling to have the staff call me by my first name and they even remembered Max’s name! Every time Max and I visited the store, staff came over and played with Max.  One staff member even brought over a Jack Russell Terrier rubber stamp which looked exactly like Max. Of course I purchase the stamp.

My other favorite store in Issaquah was the Mad Scrapper. The store’s owner, Deanna, owned this store for seventeen years and she worked hard to keep her shelves stocked with the latest papers and embellishments. Keeping a full inventory is not an easy task during difficult economic times. Deanna held on-going workshops for her customers. The classes were free as long as we purchased our supplies from her store. There was no doubt that she put in extremely long hours every day to keep the store’s doors open from morning until late.

One evening, I was working madly to make a cute mini-scrapbook in one of Deanna’s classes. There were ten women in this class. One of the students did not have a particular tool which she needed and was about to get up to purchase one from the store. The woman who was sitting next to her whispered, “Don’t buy it here. You can get this same tool at Michael’s for only half the price using one of their weekly coupons.”

I was so disturbed by what I heard, I couldn’t help but to tell everyone what could happen if we all thought this way. All small, local businesses will be gone, leaving us with only the large chains. Can we get this kind of personalized service from anyone other than the small business owners who struggle every day to stay in business for the simple reason that they are passionate about what they do?  If stores like the Mad Scrapper are forced to go out of business (which, I’m sad to say, is exactly what happened), it will be a sad day for all of us who love the specialty stores and their amenities.

So my advice to all is, please look beyond the price and look at the big picture. Do you like what the small local store do for its customers and the community? If your answer is yes, you owe it to yourself to patronize the small businesses and do your part to keep them growing and thriving. In the end, you may end up spending a little more but you and the community will be better off with a vibrant and healthier economic growth. Happy shopping!









How to Create a Passionate Business and Life, The Kaizen Way

What is Kaizen? Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy and work plan strategy where employees at all levels of a company are encouraged to work together to achieve incremental improvements benefitting the business, employees, customers and the larger world. It combines the collective talents within a company (or family) to create a powerful engine for life-long learning in small incremental steps. I hope you will embrace the Kaizen way in your business and personal life. I believe that it will help you to change the way you think and open up boundless opportunities in your life.

Click HERE for a free printable, “The Kaizen Way, 5 Steps to Awaken Your Passion for Work and Life.”



Make Something Sweet for Valentines

Valentines Day gives me a reason to create small and colorful cards and craft items to sell in my salon and to give to people I love. I looked high and low in my craft room to find scraps of colorful papers and ribbons which were left from my previous projects. It was so much fun to get lost in cutting and pasting these papers. I was so happy with the end result that I decided to share them with you. Read more