Change: 30 Days of Abundance (Day 5)

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Welcome to 30 Days of Abundance, Day 5! I’m delighted that you are here. Today I want to probe into how life-long learning and building skills are necessary to keep your self-esteem intact. Sheer Determination, Swimming Upstream in a Downstream World: Chapter 9 – Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall – the story of Joy and lack of self-esteem

If you are seeking change, first create change within yourself, instead of trying to change others.

Ask yourself this question, “What kind of change can I create so that goodness will spill out into the world?

Your AHA! Moment

You realize that you are taking steps to create a better world by reinventing yourself each day.

Reading this chapter out of my book brought back memories of Joy and her breathtaking beauty. I can’t help thinking what a role-model for women she could have been, only if she kept learning and developed the skills to match with her beauty. Here is my handpainted picture of Joy.

A Bonus Worksheet for You

I think doing personal inventory exercises are a powerful tool for personal growth. I’m sharing the form that I designed for myself. By filling in my answers on this form from time to time, I get so much clarity about who I am, my skills and what other things I want to learn. I hope that you’ll make your own Personal Inventory of your skills. Keep in mind, your answers can be very simple things that you do every day… Examples: I am good at making a banana cream pie, I am good at writing newsletters, etc. Be sure to give yourself credit for these things, not everyone can do them and certainly not as well as you!

Personal Skills Inventory worksheet

Download HERE

Share Your Thoughts

I’m curious, what did you get out of my video, the story from Chapter 9 of Sheer Determination? Do you work to change yourself instead of trying to change others? How do you practice the art of life-long learning? As always, please post your comments and ideas below in the comments section below. When you share thoughts and ideas, you help everyone to grow. Yes, we can grow together!

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