Creativity: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 14

The most common sentence I hear from people is, “I’m not a creative person, can you show me how to be creative? My answer… “You can be creative only after you stop thinking that everything you do have to be PERFECT”.


We all have a creative bug in our brain. Awaken it!


Some things you can do: Bake a delicious pie, arrange flowers in a vase, write and draw in your journal, make a thank you card, hang a picture, work in your garden.


All of a sudden you feel both elated and accomplished, with a deep sense of satisfaction within yourself. Your brain path opens up into a beautiful world of imaginary thinking. You realize that you have many creative talents within you.

Here is the recipe card I made for the Oil and Lemon salad dressing. My creative bug has been going wild since I made this simple, healthy salad dressing with only three ingredients. What if these simple recipe cards could be made with a creative twist? Each card can be made like a greeting card and you can send it off to someone. Good ideas are not worth anything unless they are shared with the world! Just imagine how happy the recipient would be after receiving a special gift from you that would help her healthy living goals. The whole idea of this kind of art/journaling is that they don’t have to be perfect. If they are perfect, the charm of your personality will not show up.

I hope you will make this salad dressing for yourself. You download a printable PDF here. Thank you to Tassie and Maryann for sharing this wonderful recipe with me.

WANTED: Can you send me your healthy recipe that can be made with less than six ingredients? I will post it on this site so everyone can try it!

You can send it to: [email protected].


Janet Baba

Thanks for the recipe you received from Tassie, decorated so cute!
I think lemon juice is so tasty and healthy.
You know how much I like healthy foods.
I’ll send in a recipe….

Thank you!

Michele Aoki

Here’s the crepe recipe that I used for years for making morning crepes before school for my children. They would sit at the counter and eat them as fast as I could cook them. This week my grown daughter texted me to check that she had the right ingredients, and then she sent me a picture of a finished crepe. Comfort food during difficult times.
3 eggs, beaten; 2 Tb. flour; 2 Tb. milk — beat it up till it’s smooth. Then melt butter in a flat frying pan, pour a bit of the crepe batter in and spread it around the pan. As edges begin to lift, flip it over. Roll it up with some jam (preferably, home-made raspberry freezer jam).


Oh this sounds delicious. I will share it if you don’t mind.