Feeling Vulnerable

S W I M I N T H E S E A (1)

Breath, inhale, exhale…focus on the things on hand.

Does this sound familiar?

I’m sure that you’ve had weeks when you felt like this, right?

“I don’t know if I can do this,” I’ve repeated these words a hundred times in the past two weeks.

If I was sitting across the table from you right now,  I would say, “Read my lips…the long arduous process of writing your book is not where the real work is.”  I had no idea that forging into territories unknown begins when your writing is finished.

I feel like I’ve climbed one mountain and now I stand on the foothill of another large mountain, gearing up to climb it.

Let me share with you some of the thoughts that keeps going through my head.

  • Will the readers like my book?
  • What am I doing, opening up all the secrets I’ve kept hidden inside of me for so many years?
  • How will I sell all the books?
  • Is it normal that I am feeling so vulnerable?

Well, enough about my worrying. I am now entering a whole new world.

I can’t complain because I am committed to Kaizen, the art of continuous learning.

I’ve decided to close my eyes, hold my breath, and jump into the book launching phase, ready or not.

I hope the world will find the content of my book helpful, wherever they are in their lives.

Wait until tomorrow. I will share the exciting details about my two upcoming book launch events.



Dear Kay,

You’re almost there: just JUMP into the launch. There’s a world waiting for the adventures of Keiko and Shiro! I want to get copies for holiday gifts!
Go forward!


Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, dear Tamara! I love that title, “The Adventures of Keiko and Shiro.” Maybe my next project should be a children’s book. 🙂