Friendship: 30 Day Abundance, Day 22

I hope you will enjoy watching the two videos that I posted below. When viewing them, think about the word FRIENDSHIP. Today, take a few minutes and get in touch with a few close friends and casual acquaintances. Both groups will appreciate hearing from you.


Always walk while holding hands, just like you did in kindergarden.

Reach out to your friends. You receive an equal amount of responses from both your friends and your acquaintances. When that happens, it will demonstrate how powerful connections can be established with sincere and random acts of thoughtfulness.

It’s been a while since I last saw my photographer friend, Eugene. We worked on a couple of projects and I respected his photography skills plus I’ve enjoyed our time together. Two weeks ago, I received a surprise email from Eugene with two videos embedded on the page. Thank you Eugene, I am sharing these videos for people to enjoy!

This video is from the residents of Aegis Assisted Living in Mercer Island. You can tell for sure that their friendships are strong.

This video was made by Japanese artists in New York City.

Have a wonderful Saturday. I will see you on Monday!

Enjoy Every Day of Abundance!

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Janet Baba

Being Happy is a great concept.
You explained the “Happy Concept ” well.
This is an important concept and well worth the time to evaluate it.

Thanks for a great video!


Although Eileen Fisher brings a lot of happiness too!

Michele Aoki

Dear Kay,
Of course I loved seeing the creative messaging from Aegis Assisted Living in Mercer Island. We are getting similar reports from Aegis at Ravenna. I visit my mom there to wave at the window almost every day. It’s a routine of semi-normalcy. I’m always delighted if I see other friends from Aegis walking (with attendants) in the park. Just a few weeks ago, we’d be sitting together at dinner or watching a Seahawks game in the sport’s bar. I hope we’ll be back to doing that again.

I have reached out and also been contacted by friends from earlier times quite a lot in the last week or so. It’s felt good.


Having you visit outside of the window must help Kathy to feel secure and loved. It’s nice that Aegis is located close to you.