Happy 2016 Plus a Gift for You!

I like to start out every New Year with something cheerful, something that makes me appreciate small, pretty things expressed with beautiful colors. It is my wish to help you create a similar feeling. With a positive attitude that 2016 will be a year of personal growth and opportunities, I hope you will be able to create a magical moment for yourself as you step into this fresh year.

My Gift to You!

I made these sweet girls, my variation on the traditional Kokeshi dolls, while writing Keiko’s Journey, the story of my growing up in post-war Japan.  I hand-painted their faces and collaged the rest of them. These creations remind me of my young self during Japanese New Year. I could hardly wait for the special day when we would wake up extra early. My Mother would dress me in my own special kimono then we would go to the temple and pray for a good year to come.

You can print these sweet girls in their colorful kimonos on your own paper and make a variety of creative things such as cards, gift tags, decorative ornaments, or you may want to simply cut one out and use it or play with it however you’d like. I hope she helps get your creative juices flowing to start off a happy and wonderful new year!

Download Printable Gift from Kay HERE




Kay, such beautiful simplicity, beauty and color–all captured in these ‘sweet girls’. Yet more evidence of your generous nature that is always looking for ways to gift the world.


Thank you Sharon. I hope you will print these sweet girls out and use them. They make really nice book marks.

Taeko Kimm

This is good idea and nice gift for everybody starting New Year 2016.
I will print out and show to my grandchildren how beautiful Japanese dolls are. Specially hand painted!

Happy New Year !!!


Thank you, Taeko, and great idea! I hope it inspires your grandchildren to try creating some of their own. Happy New Year to you and all of your family.