A Valentine Message…

Wishing you a happy heart day! This girl is a part of my card deck, MAGICAL MIND-SHIFTS…Ignite Your Inner Power, Build a Business and life you love! Today is a special day and I wanted to introduce this sweet “modern-day Japanese Kokeshi Girl” to you! Pay attention to her powerful message. I always listen to her message because I have a bad habit of thinking that I can change others. I don’t like the stress it puts on me when I think that way. Can you relate?

Here’s the message:
CHANGE… If you are seeking change, first create change within yourself, instead of trying to change others.
Your Task: Ask yourself this question. “What kind of change can I create so that goodness will spill out into the world?”
YOUR “AHA” MOMENT: You realize that you are taking steps to create a better world by reinventing yourself everyday.



Lovely, Kay. Thank you. xoxox


Hi Gillian, thank you for commenting. I was wondering what kinds of subjects are you interested in hearing about? I love to hear what you are thinking❤️.

Alice Cheung

Hi Kay,
It’s the best message for me this Lunar New Year Valentine’s Day.
Change myself would be the positive driven energy for others to change .
Thank you for the advice.
The Kokeshi girl is a perfect card for this Valentine’s Day, one day late.


Hi Alice, I agree with you. Women are especially good at trying to change others. I guess its because we expect things to be a certain way… how we think they should be. I know that I have to slap myself often for wanting control over people around me.

Sharon Cox

Kay–What a lovely way to deliver wisdom!


Hi Sharon, thank you! My Magical Mindshift card decks will be published in three weeks. I will make sure to send one to Muriel. How are you?