A Valentine Message…

Wishing you a happy heart day! This girl is a part of my card deck, MAGICAL MIND-SHIFTS…Ignite Your Inner Power, Build a Business and life you love! Today is a special day and I wanted to introduce this sweet “modern-day Japanese Kokeshi Girl” to you! Pay attention to her powerful message. I always listen to her message because I have a bad habit of thinking that I can change others. I don’t like the stress it puts on me when I think that way. Can you relate?

Here’s the message:
CHANGE… If you are seeking change, first create change within yourself, instead of trying to change others.
Your Task: Ask yourself this question. “What kind of change can I create so that goodness will spill out into the world?”
YOUR “AHA” MOMENT: You realize that you are taking steps to create a better world by reinventing yourself everyday.


Sharon Cox

Kay–What a lovely way to deliver wisdom!


Hi Sharon, thank you! My Magical Mindshift card decks will be published in three weeks. I will make sure to send one to Muriel. How are you?

Alice Cheung

Hi Kay,
It’s the best message for me this Lunar New Year Valentine’s Day.
Change myself would be the positive driven energy for others to change .
Thank you for the advice.
The Kokeshi girl is a perfect card for this Valentine’s Day, one day late.


Hi Alice, I agree with you. Women are especially good at trying to change others. I guess its because we expect things to be a certain way… how we think they should be. I know that I have to slap myself often for wanting control over people around me.


Lovely, Kay. Thank you. xoxox


Hi Gillian, thank you for commenting. I was wondering what kinds of subjects are you interested in hearing about? I love to hear what you are thinking❤️.

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