Hero’s Journey: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 12

We are the heroes of our own Journey. Look back to see where you came from, the hills and valleys you had to travel through, and what you learned from your experiences.

I’ve posted my own Hero’s Journey map for you if you’d like to use it as an example. Remember, where I drew sad faces are the moments in my life that I learned the most. Lots of new skills plus wisdoms.

Here is the printable blank form I created for you. You can download this template and make your own Hero’s Journey map. You will realize how much you’ve accomplished and how skillful you’ve become in so many areas of your life!

I’m so curious to hear about your journey and what it felt like to write it down. Please share your experience in the comments section below!


Beth Dewey

Love this hero’s journey worksheet. Thank you.


Hi Beth, So glad to hear from you. I’m feeling confident that you will feel really good about what you’ve accomplished in your life.