How to Approach Fearful Situations with Confidence

Have you ever heard of oracle cards? For years I’ve used them to help make decisions or unblock fears that are getting in my way. Oracle cards come in all shapes and sizes but they’re usually a small deck of cards with various inspirational words or phrases on them. I recently decided it was time to create my own set starting with a paper tiger.

Why start with a tiger? As I explain in the video above, my dear business mentor once explained to me that our fears are like tigers but we must realize that they are only made of papers and paper tigers are easily defeated with the right frame of mind.
Eventually I’d like to offer a full deck of inspirational oracle cards with my original artwork on each card. For now, I invite you to CLICK HERE for a free download about overcoming your fears and facing every situation with confidence. I hope you find it helpful and I wish you a wonderful day!


Karan Karla Aron

This is a topic near to my heart. Fear is good at times to protect us, but other times it keeps us stuck and paralyzed as you say, from moving forward and onward with our life. I am excited to see more of your cards as you build the deck. I like your Paper Tiger metaphor for fear and will have to try this way of thinking!


Hi Karla, Glad that it was helpful. Yes, I will share more oracle deck designs as I create them. I’d love to see yours too!


Hi Karla, thanks for your comment. I’m glad that it was helpful. I’d love to see your oracle deck designs too!

Stephanie Simpson

Hi Kay! It was so good talking to you yesterday! You gave me some food for thought and inspired me to utilize Instagram. I posted something today!
I have been in a dry creative spell for some time and feel now as if the tide will turn.
I really appreciate your creativity and your soulful thinking.

Thank you for the Hydrogen water too! I really liked it! I may need to order the real thing from Japan!

Take care! I will be following you on Instagram!
Kindest regards,
Stephanie Simpson


Thank you for writing Stephanie. I will seek you out on Instagram too. Here is something on the Izumio hydrogen water for you to review:


Hi Kay–loved your new project. I forwarded this to Muriel. She is probably on your email list, but just in case . . . I’m sending Muriel emails as my part of a conversation–day to day stuff. We have an understanding that she won’t reply. It is just too difficult for her to type. The email she sent you took a day to type and another day to get correct typos. Luckily when we are sitting next to one another conversation is much easier. Her speech is slower and more deliberate and sometimes she loses a word. The pacing is quite lovely, however. Muriel is thoughtful as she searches for words. That slows me down as well.

I just noticed that you are using Keiko Kay Hirai instead of Kay Hirai. Maybe you’ve been doing that for ages, but I just noticed. Great to enfold all of your ‘identity’. By the way, did you send Keiko’s Journey to Muriel? I think she would be very interested. I would send her mine, but I loaned it out and it was never returned. I figured that was fine–so long as it is out in the world circulating!



Hi Sharon, I will send Muriel a copy of Keiko’s Journey. Thanks for the update.