How to Celebrate Winter Solstice, 2020.

We are living in a different end-of-the year season than we are used to.  Due to COVID, our lives have been forced to hunker down and hanging in for the relief to arrive. Even though, circumstances have forced us to alter the way we operate in our daily lives,  nature stays right on with the preciseness of seasonal timing and changes.

Dark mornings and early nightfalls. Welcoming the seldom peek of the brightness of the sun. The sharp silhouette of bare branches surviving in the cold temperature. These are some familiar signs of winter. We often speak of turning inward during these darker months, becoming quiet and introspective, staying home more often, sleeping longer.  Regardless of our spiritual or cultural heritage, if we live in North America today there’s a good chance we find ourselves caught up, perhaps involuntarily or out of habit, in a commercial swirl known as “the holidays” that leaves us depleted in more ways than one. Perhaps this year, with some preparation and planning, we can plant the seeds for a more intuitive, simpler, and natural holiday season. 

The winter solstice is the day of the year with the fewest hours of daylight. After the winter solstice, days start becoming longer and nights shorter as spring approaches. Winter solstice, which takes place on December 21, can be a profound way to tune into the magic and beauty of the season. Creating a meaningful celebration of the winter solstice can help us cultivate a deeper connection to nature and family and all the things that matter most to us. Winter can become a time of feeding the spirit and nurturing the soul.

Perhaps this year, we can plant the seeds for a more intuitive, simpler, and natural holiday season. With this in mind, I created an art-card workshop that will encourage us to create together in friendship and harmony, beautiful Winter Solstice art cards. What a nice way to celebrate the coming of the new year that will bring hope, love, and joy, don’t you think?

Please join me in celebrating Winter Solstice HERE.

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