In the Dark Cave: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 18

Unfair labeling and bullying can leave a traumatic effect on the psychology of children. Being abused for something they are not responsible for can leave a deep and lasting scar of shame in them that the stories are never revealed to others … not even to their parents. Listen to my story in the audio tape below.

Here is the card I pulled this morning … BRAVE. It always amazes me how each one of the cards in my Magical Mindshift card deck immediately leads me to a recollection of memories in my head or a new idea that I can take steps on.


When you get backed into a corner, it feels like a scary tiger is blocking your way. Show that you brave. Stand firm and face your problems rather than run away and hide. The tiger is only a paper tiger, SO PUNCH THROUGH HIM! See… That wasn’t so hard, was it?

What did you get out of this story? Can you give some examples of how the same thing is happening today and people are being unfairly labeled?

Enjoy Every Day of Abundance!

If you’re getting started late or joining us in the middle of these 30 Days of Abundance, here’s a quick list of what I’ve covered so far. I hope you’ll go back and find inspiration wherever it feels like a good fit for what’s happening in your life!

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Jean Nishi

Enjoyed your audio presentation this morning. It enabled me to just imagine how frightening your experience was especially because you were still a child. Also, people want to always want to blame others for their misfortunes in life. It’s definitely scary times. Hopefully we can face our enemies and fears and be like the brave Keiko in your story.