Keiko’s Journey: 30 Days Abundance, Day 24

I was happy when mother told me that we will be leaving Japan to travel to the US to spend the summer with my Grandmother. It was exciting for me to be in a new country where I met my Grandmother and my cousins. Then mother told me that we will not be returning to Japan. US is my new home. She told me to forget about Japan and study hard to learn to speak the English language. I was devastated and felt deceived by my own mother.

I made this book trailer video using the I-Movie Program on my Mac Computer. Take a look!

Thank you for letting me share the story of my brave mother… a woman before her time. Can you share with me the memory of your mother?

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Day 24 Keiko’s Journey: 30 Days of Abundance


Jean Nishi

Thank you, Kay for sharing the story about your mother. She was so courageous and sacrificed much of herself to carry on family responsibilities,
Traditionally women have always put themselves last. It’s amazing how resilient she was and how she was able to finally return to America. Today,unfortunately, I think many women are still thinking of others first.


Remember I always tell you that you remind me of Mary Fujiye?

Sue Willey

Kay, your mother’s story is powerful. You have her same strength and determination! I also very much admire my mother who grew up in hard circumstances. She grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula with two brothers. Her parents did not have a happy marriage, and both were alcoholics. She told me that their economic situation was up and down, and when she was a teenager, her parents divorced which was very unusual then. She met my father in college and they married right after Pearl Harbor; he was sent to TX to train pilots and they spent 4 years there; my brother and I were born there. Her father did not want her to marry my dad because he came from a very poor family. But, instead of repeating the alcoholic cycle, she chose a man who worked very hard, was stable and loving and a good dad. They had six children together and created a wonderful life for us. I really admire the choices she made and the strength it took to do those.


Sue, thank you for sharing your story. I resonated with the word you used, Decision… I believe that being able to make right decisions is the trait of people who succeed in life.

Peggy Pomeroy

Thanks Kay for your daily thoughts. I think about them when I am taking my daily walks. Otherwise I am at home.

I may have a gray ponytail before I see you again 🙂



Peggy, I’m glad that you are thinking while you are walking. This is a good time to reflect and think of new thoughts. Gray ponytail sounds interesting. Stay safe!