Keiko’s Journey Performance

Bringing Keiko’s Journey to Life

Attending book readings never seemed very interesting to Kay Hirai but when she published Keiko’s Journey, she started getting requests to come and do book readings. She wondered, how could her book be presented in a way that was more engaging?

Thinking back to her elementary school years in Japan, where she performed in many plays, she decided to re-format the first two chapters of her book into a play format. Kay’s inner voice (a voice she has learned to listen to very closely over the years) said “Why not express my painful but nostalgic history with a group of players and let the audience really experience the soul of my memories?”

Bring Keiko’s Journey to Your Location

We feel that sharing this history is important. If you have a group of 30 or more people in the greater Seattle area, Kay and her cast would be happy to come and perform her book reading drama for you.

Kay can present her story in various ways, depending on the size of the venue and length of time given for the performance. For larger audiences, Kay and her cast can perform a full-scale drama featuring scenes from her book. In smaller settings, a creatively designed reading and conversation with the audience can be arranged. For example, Kay recently “interviewed” her late mother (with a friend playing the role) to gain a deeper understanding of the time and complicated decisions that her mother had to face during and after the war in Japan and the United States.

Please contact Kay for more information.

Scenes from Past Performances

Scenes from the first performance of the Keiko’s Journey Book Reading Drama at the Japanese Presbyterian Church of Seattle. With tears in her eyes, an audience member proclaimed, “We’ve never heard this kind of a story before. It was so touching.”


Kinokuniya Book Store in Seattle hosted a wonderful book event where Kay shared details that were not in her book, Keiko’s Journey. In an intimate setting, Kay and a friend acted out an interview between Kay and her mother, Fujiye about her life in the US and in Japan.