Learner: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 19

Lifelong learning in small incremental steps will keep you growing your whole life. At a certain point, you will start teaching what you learned.

Reviewing what you have learned and learning anew, you are fit to be a teacher. – Confuscius-

What you know today is not enough to keep you on top in this fast-moving world. Try this. Pick up any item you own and then look at it again tomorrow. How old is it and will it still be relevant in the days to come? Keep learning, try new things, and watch yourself grow. YOUR AHA! MOMENT … You find that the more you learn, the more you know. You will want to continue learning even more!

My Daily Practice

For the past year, I’ve been spending 15-30 minutes daily to draw and paint in my art journals. I made a Time-Lapse video of my art journals for you. By the way, making a time-lapse video using your iPhone is quite simple. I put it all together in a program called Animoto. I’m taking advantage of this downtime to learn new technology skills.

I’d love to hear what new things you are learning during this downtime. Also if you are engaged in some kind of daily practice, please share your story with us.

Enjoy Every Day of Abundance!

If you’re getting started late or joining us in the middle of these 30 Days of Abundance, here’s a quick list of what I’ve covered so far. I hope you’ll go back and find inspiration wherever it feels like a good fit for what’s happening in your life!

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Michele Aoki

I loved your animated journals. I have been meaning to learn animoto too!


I can help you. May be create something for Lifespan?

Valery Cochran


The fact that you are doing this, and the many ways you have adapted to new situations in your life is something my occupational therapy student daughter Rachel would love to ‘interview’ you for one of her UW classes this quarter. I see you are very very busy, so told her I would check in to see whether a 45 minute Face Chat of Zoom conversation would be possible in the next couple of weeks. Kay, yet another thing you are doing, is mentoring all the people who read your blog. I love it. It is really helping to keep me going during this time.


Hi Valerie,
I would be happy to be interviewed by Rachel. Can Rachel email me at [email protected] and we can arrange a zoom meeting. I’m glad that you are enjoying my 30 days. I was pretty ambitious to commit for 3o days but its been good for me to live up to what I said I would do.

Beth Dewey

Thank you for sharing those beautiful journals.


Hi Beth, do you do anything with plants anymore? Are you into fashion?

Janet Baba

Great advice today for the learner. Good reminder to keep practicing and
not give up. Yes, I’ll not give up so quick when a task seems unattainable.
I’ll strive to learn in small incremental steps.

Will take out my water colors and paint and attempt to draw
gift tags as a beginning. Thank you for the advice.


Great Janet! Daily practice…daily practice!

Karan Karla Aron

I love your time lapse! Wonderful art in those journals.. what a treat to peek inside!


Hi Karla. Are you amazed that I’m keeping this going? I think I’m learning a lot. Have you thought of doing something like this? This can be your daily practice. It becomes easier and easier.


thanks Karla. Can I show your music video?