Magical Moments: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 16

What are “Magical Moments? Okay, Your curiosity is now piqued and you are ready to start finding your Magical Moments…but, just what are they? Basically, they are special feelings that you experience; they could be something very simple or they could be something rather significant. What matters most, though, is that the special feelings bring delight and joy to your senses and move you forward in a more positive direction.

Magical Moments

When a pleasant surprise results in true delight, a magical moment occurs.

Think of a few ways where extra special moments can be created each day of your life.

Life becomes more fun when the magic catches you off guard.

This video was sent to me in my email box. I innocently clicked the video button and was amazed at the ease in how this man kept steps with the young girls. I watched it many times and even practiced to see if I can dance like him. I DEFINITELY CAUGHT HIS MAGIC. Thank you, Penny and Krystal, for sending me this charming video!

How did you like this video? He makes it look so easy to shuffle and dance right? I challenge you to see if you can dance like him. Have fun!

Enjoy Every Day of Abundance!

If you’re getting started late or joining us in the middle of these 30 Days of Abundance, here’s a quick list of what I’ve covered so far. I hope you’ll go back and find inspiration wherever it feels like a good fit for what’s happening in your life!

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Valery Cochran

Love this! It reminds me of the good old days when the kids would break into spontaneous dance parties at home.

Thank you for all these inspiring posts, Kay!


This man who is dancing is amazing isn’t he? We need to stay as noble as him right?

Michele Aoki

It made me smile too for so many reasons:
– the older gentleman keeping up with the younger girls
– the fact that these young girls could dance in such a “cool” way
– the fact that this was happening in China (not our US vision of China as a place of cultural diversity and freedom)

It brought back memories of my first trip to China in 2011 to interview Chinese teachers for the College Board Visiting Teachers program. We were walking through a park near our hotel in Beijing (I was with a group of State Supervisors for Language there for the interviews), and we ran across a group of older folks dancing the swing to recorded music. One gentleman was dancing by himself, and my colleague from Oklahoma urged me to go over and ask him to dance. (She probably did not realize that I had actually performed swing dancing with our dance group from Seattle when we toured Europe and at concerts in Seattle many years ago.) Anyway, I did, and he was a great dancer. My colleague took a video. It’s a fun and unexpected memory.

On the topic of dancing, my husband and I have been watching lots of movies during this COVID-19 stay at home time. We got through Contagion, Outbreak, etc. so last night we happened to watch “Shall we dance?” with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez from 2004. It was a delight. But then, when we watched the features, they said that the original movie was made in Japan. Now I want to see that one. Oh, it really brought back memories of how much I love to dance.


Wow, I had no idea that you like to dance! Me too! Thanks for sharing your story about asking a man to dance with you. Yes, I love the movie, Shall We Dance. I watched both versions but the Japanese version is my favorite. It goes so against their culture for a man to love dancing and finding life at his nightly visit to the dance studio.It was great!

Karan Karla Aron

This instantly made me smile and feel good! That was a treat. Thanks Kay. You keep dancing and I will too!


Hi Karla, thanks… we can both practice dancing! I miss seeing you at Zoom meetings. Let’s catch up, I want to hear what you’ve been doing.