Make Something Sweet for Valentines

Valentines Day gives me a reason to create small and colorful cards and craft items to sell in my salon and to give to people I love. I looked high and low in my craft room to find scraps of colorful papers and ribbons which were left from my previous projects. It was so much fun to get lost in cutting and pasting these papers. I was so happy with the end result that I decided to share them with you.


I folded an 8×10 pearlized paper into these sweet miniature boxes and nestled a hand-painted glass heart inside each box. I love how these came out. Here is how I displayed them in my salon.

I cut up scraps of colorful papers and mounted them onto a 3×6 solid colored paper folded in half. Then I embellished them with small hearts which were cut with a heart shaped paper punch and inserted ribbons on each corner. So sweet! I couldn’t stop myself and I ended up with almost 100 tags. What do you think?

Then I got to drawing and coloring little girl paper dolls. I made them into birthday cards and gave them to Maria and Debbie as their belated birthday gifts. Oh, forgot to say, I added a little chocolate bar and my hand-painted glass heart with each card and inserted them in a cellophane bag, tied with colorful ribbons. I loved seeing big smiles emerge on their faces when I gave them these hand-made gifts.

These things brought me joy. What made your Valentine month happy and memorable?