MoMo and My Flower Party

Thank you for following MoMo’s Journey with us. What we appreciate are the all the wonderful comments that you’ve been posting with your encouraging words and thoughts.

I’ve been concentrating on teaching MoMo to walk on a leash with me. She is a dog who has never walked with a human tethered to a leash in her three years of life. She was confused and frustrated during our walks. Another thing that contributed to her becoming overwhelmed was the smell of grass, trees, people, dogs, and the sound of cars traveling on the roads. Whew, it took all my might to hold down this 31 lb. dog.

When at home, I tried to get her to play with her new toys that were given to her as gifts from my family and friends. Well, no luck there… She just looked at them, not knowing what to do with them. I was puzzled at first, then realized that she was never given any toys to play with while growing up in Korea. I tried to teach her how to squeak the toys. I said, “Come on MoMo, it’s simple. JUST PICK THE TOY UP IN YOUR MOUTH AND SQUEEZE!”. I went on to show her how it’s done by showing her through me demonstrating. When the toy made a squeak sound, she ran away.

A big breakthrough came a few nights ago. I was sitting at the dining room table doing work on my computer. I was engrossed with working that my attention was completely on the project that I had on hand. Then I heard a faint sound by my feet… “squeak…”. I looked down and there was MoMo looking at me with a small stuffed squirrel toy in her mouth. I said, “Wow, MoMo, you know how to make your toy squeak. Good Girl!” What made me happy was that her tail was flip-flopping joyfully. I thought to myself, this is her gift. This is the gift she was born with … to infuse joy and happiness into people’s lives.

MoMo definitely seems content and I can feel her confidence growing. I can feel that she is beginning to trust me. But there are times when I can sense the sadness in her eyes. I ask, “Are you thinking of all the dogs you left behind in Korea, wishing they can have the lucky break that you had to find a home in the U.S?”

An idea came to me. Why not give a Summer Garden Flower Painting Workshop to raise money to donate to Ginger’s Pet Rescue so that more like MoMo can be helped? Well, there is no time to waste so here it is!

MoMo and I hope you will come. Never watercolored flowers before? No worry, I made 2 sheets of drawn templates for you. Can’t make it on May 29th? No worry, I will send you a replay of the workshop so you can enjoy making your flowers at a time that is convenient for you. You can register here. I will be donating 100% of the proceeds to Ginger’s Pet Rescue.

Come and join MoMo, me, and the wonderful Members of my Artful Giving Community to create your own garden!

Looking forward to having a relaxing time, while making beautiful flowers with you. Register here

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