Mother’s Love

On this Mother’s Day, My heart is filled with memories of my be-loved Mother, Mary Fujiye. This morning, I painted a water colored bouquet of flowers for her to express my gratitude for all that she sacrificed to keep me safe during the chaotic years of World War II.

She fed my Grandfather and me to keep our bodies nourished while she deprived herself of the nutrition she needed to keep her own body healthy. I saw her weakened body and heard her persistent coughing spells that eventually allowed a dreaded disease, Tuberculosis to take over her body.

She was so courageous to endure the hardship of war, abuse from her husband and the people of Japan as they accused her of being an enemy of their country. It’s because of her unconditional motherly love for me that I’m able to enjoy a good life today living and working in this great country, United States of America. You will learn more about the incredible and heart-wrenching story of Mary Fujiye by reading the book I wrote titled “Keiko’s Journey”

P.S. – Please share with me stories about your own special childhood memories spent with your Mother. I’m sure that each one of us will have a story to share.

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I painted this watercolor bouquet in honor of my mother. Have you tried putting your thoughts and emotions into some kind of a creative expression? I find that it brings a feeling of calmness and joy to my heart whenever I spend time doing something creative.