Never Underestimate the Power of Small Things

Did you know that all big things start with small things? I love getting started with ideas in my head by scribbling or doodling one simple object like a cat, flower, girl, watermelon, socks, sunshine, etc. I collect all my doodlings in a scrapbook and pick one image. Then I begin thinking of all the different ways to expand and make it more creative. To me, creativity is taking the original butterfly (an example) and add personality to it to suit my personal style. Then I add stories to the image and turn it into a visual storyboard. This is a powerful way to communicate with others to get your ideas across. More to come on this project in the Artful Giving Community.

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Thank you for listening to a week of me talking about the Artful Giving Community. Well, today is the last day to register and I hope you will join me. Your launching membership price for three months of workshops, weekly programs, fun, and personal self-care is well worth it for the launching member’s price of $60, don’t you think? 

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