New Beginning

Happy New Year! This morning, I’m thinking of what I want to accomplish in this coming year. I got up at 6:00 AM and couldn’t resist tip-toeing into my craft room and quickly draw this image on the paper. It helps me to put my thoughts together with something visual. I think most of us like to see an interesting image instead of seeing your thoughts only in written words. Do you agree? I’d love to spread the idea of spending time in doodling this year. Yhea, it really relieves my stress when I draw, paint and cut up colorful paper to express what’s on my mind. One thing I know for sure, when I see this girl with so many ideas for the year, I feel motivated to get them done for her. I will have to get busy if I want to get some of these things done for myself. The first step will be to choose my top five things from this drawing and create a simple business plan and a “TO DO” list for each project. I’m a firm believer of using the “TO DO” list to hold me accountable. If you want to stay focused and accomplish your goals, try this for yourself! More planning ideas to come!

PS – My card deck project is getting close to the finish line and I can hardly hold my excitement back! I feel compelled to give you a sneak peak of the cover image. What do you think of the title I chose after many hours of going back and forth with my advisors?

MAGICAL MINDSHIFTS, Words to help you build a business and life you love! Hmmm… I’d love to get your feedback. Here is the front cover of my card deck. I’m wondering if the image appeal to you. I’d love to hear from you.



I like your creativity and card deck Keiko. Thank you! Have a wonderfull day and a great year!


Dear Gabriela, I feel so encouraged that you’ve read my post and it impacted you in a positive way. Please keep responding because I love to feel connected with the readers who enjoy and learn from what I share.


Hi Kay! You are such an inspiration in so many beautiful ways. These cards will be a perfect way to remind ourselves that being mindful can become a daily habit that will give joy to ourselves and others. There is so much impact even a simple act or thought of kindness can bring to change the world. I especially love your nature-based artwork, the butterfly in particular. Personally, a butterfly like your drawing appeared in a dream I had and continues to have an important significance for the path I am on and my life’s legacy. Seeing that confirms the connection I have made with you, believing situations and people come into our lives for a reason only time reveals.


Thank you for your thoughtful comments Margie. I agree with you. A thoughtful act of kindness can impact the world in huge ways. I built my business “with soul” and it has helped me tremendously as a human being and a respected business owner.

chris kopet

very nice insights, Kay. I always like your images and ideas


Hi Chris, nice to hear from you. How is your creative life going?

Yoko Plowman

Happy New Year, Kay-san!

Thank you for the inspiring message to us. I will try to use the To Do List to accomplish my goals this year. I agree, it’s very helpful to see visually what I have to do.

I LOVE THE COVER OF YOUR CARD SET!!! It’s so lovely, in fact, this might be my very favorite painting of yours. I love the subdued colors of the girl and back ground, and her crown is so colorful and bright! It gives me an idea of her thoughts and visions are so beautiful. It reminds me that my thoughts are creating my reality. And I adore the subtle sparkles in her hair!!!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork. I’m looking forward to getting your card set!


Hi Yoko, thank you for liking my blog message. I can see your creativity growing. I’m happy to help you grow your passions!

Jeannine Bannick

Hi Kay. Not only is the cover adorable I like the title. As usual you are so clever and love your creativity.
Happy New Year,Jeannine


Hi Jeannine, thank you for reading my post. I’m glad that you like it. Your approval means a lot to me.


Hi Kay!
Love what you are creating with your cards and the cover card is perfect! I definitely want to get your card deck for inspiration in the new year!


Hi Stephanie, thank you for liking. It is so much fun to keep on creating. You are a big part of giving me motivation. I love to talk about creative ideas when I see you!

Noreen Bowdon

Hi Kay,
This is so cool! Your Magical Mindshift cards are going to be a big hit. Started my new job and keeping organized on the to-to-lists with out feeling too structured will be my goal. ☺ can you draw me my very own girl I can use for inspiration.
Smiles Noreen


Hi Noreen, thank you for responding. Yes, I’m planning to make a blank one that you can use to make your own. Keep me posted on how your career is going. I know you will do well!