Odd Ball in the Crowd

How time flies! I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since MoMo traveled 19 hours in a plane from Korea, crated with another in the same kennel. Since that day, She’s learned a lot about life in the states. Here’s her progress report.

  • She learned that grass is the appropriate place for dogs to go take care of their business.
  • She can ride in the car now without shaking like a leaf.
  • She now sleeps on a soft cushion instead of going by the door and choose to sleep on the tile.
  • She went through a grueling 2.5 hours of getting her matted hair cut and shampooed. Her groomer, Elaine asked, “Where has she been? She has bits of concrete stuck in the roots of her fur”.
  • She still doesn’t know how to play with toys or other dogs at a dog park. We are working on her social skills.
  • She went through a complete physical and teeth cleaning with Dr. Winnie Peng (Cobblestone Animal Hospital).
  • She now knows that her kennel door will be opened in the morning, and she can walk out into the room.

Today I want to share with you that MoMo graduated from five weeks of dog training called “Rough Around the Collar”. She was the only full-grown dog in the class. Here is a picture of MoMo and her classmates who were all puppies. I got a lump in my throat because she reminded me of when I first arrived from Japan and enrolled in a grade school. No one knew where to place me. The only thing the school knew was that I would not survive in a class with kids my own age. It was humiliating for me and I got the same kind of feeling watching MoMo in this class.

Here is a picture of MoMo and her classmates who were all puppies. I whispered to her saying, “It’s ok MoMo. You are a proud and smart dog, I know how you are feeling. I was in the same boat as you when I came from Japan and I felt ashamed that I was not in the class with kids my own age. Don’t worry, you will get through this like a champ”.

Graduation Day!

It was all worth it. MoMo went through the class in her polite manner and accomplished everything that was taught to her by her teacher, Katie Morrell. Starting in July, she will start her Intermediate training.

Thank you for taking an interest in reading MoMo’s journey. I think she has finally settled into her new life and learned to trust those who care for her. She wakes up so happy in the mornings, knowing that she will be let out. She bounces out of her kennel jumping and prancing with her tail wagging. When I see her happy body language, I say to her, “MoMo, this is the gift that you brought to the world. We are so lucky to be able to celebrate your joy with you!”

A Piece of Good News!

MoMo and I want to thank all the good people who attended the Summer Garden Flowers workshop on May 29th and the people who donated to help us with our cause. We are happy to say that $1,000. will be donated to Ginger’s Pet Rescue. We are asking Ginger to use this money to rescue other dogs from Korea so more can escape their life under extreme cruelty.

Coming Soon!

I’m planning a Summer Card-Making Camp for people who want to learn how to make beautiful cards one step at a time, painting flowers with watercolors. This six-day challenge is perfect for beginner card-makers. Dates will be announced shortly so get ready!



I absolutely love reading about MoMo’s journey with you. I feel such love from you, and it fills me with joy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and your gifts to one another.


Hi Barb, Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy reading MoMo’s Journey. Yes, she is a very special dog. I feel fortunate that we found each other.


No matter how old she gets, we’ll never tire of stories about Momo! I just love the way you write about her. She is so lucky!!! I know you are too! ♥️♥️♥️


Hi Jodi, I don’t think I will ever run out of things to talk about. MoMo is an old soul. When I peer into her eyes, I can see what she is thinking.


What a wonderful story, Kay. Kudos to you and Momo


Thank you Pat. MoMo is really teaching me more than I teach her.I’m the lucky one.

Tish Oye

Love it, Kay! I eagerly look forward to hearing of Momo’s progress with her loving owner! Thanks for posting…


Hi Tish, MoMo is a wonderful teacher. I feel so bad that so many dogs won’t be given a chance to share their gift with humans.