Organization: 30 Days Abundance – Day 7

Welcome to 30 days of Abundance, Day 7. Iā€™m delighted that you are here. My topic for the day is organizational systems and creating good habits. Please watch the video below.

A Strong Foundation for Success…

It’s fun to journal and organize your dreams and goals.

This is a great way to keep track of things and build good habits.

Here is an example of a Habit Tracker. I make my own weekly habit tracker in my bullet journal. At the end of two weeks, I check for the high scores. If I have any, then I celebrate my success.

I made a quick video for you. Watch me make a collage journal.

I loved sharing with you how I handle my personal organization systems. Can you share a notebook system that works well for you… or even your favorite pens or journals?

Some of My Favorite Supplies:

  • Simple Small Notebook or Journal: I like these ones with dots inside but you’ll see they are available with lines or grid paper as well. You can also find all different types of covers. Choose whatever appeals to you!
  • Posca Pens: Acrylic paint pens that create a nice opaque layer of color.
  • Gel Medium/Glue: This is my favorite glue for doing collage work. It is easy to work with and leaves a soft matte finish.

(The links above are affiliate links meaning I receive a small commision if you make a purchase by clicking through from here. There is no cost to you and I ONLY link to items that I fully recommend after trying them myself.)

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You’ve taken the first step, congratulations. I went to your site and read it. John Stanford definitely did what he said he would. Keep Going!

Michele Aoki

What fun, Kay! I journal a lot like that too. I have had many journal notebooks that were given to me or that I happened to buy at various points, so they’re not consistent (or decorated), but they all help me recall memories of that time period.

Right now I’m on the last few pages of my “retirement” journal — a small leather journal from Harvard University that a dear friend (a student that I mentored when she was at UW in Graduate School) gave me last January when we took her family (including 2 kids!) to Disney World with our daughter, who had studied Russian with her one summer when she was still in high school. I decided to devote it to my journey toward retirement last year (2019). It helped me so many times when I was overwhelmed with my work and what needed to get done before I could hand over the position to someone new. It helped me in all the ups and downs with my mom, her falls at Cohousing, trips to Urgent Care, uncertainty about how to support her.

And, then, somehow, we got to summer. My mom moved into Aegis mid-July, and I, by some miracle, retired on August 31. Then it became my journal of making the transition to my new life. It’s OK that I’m down to the last 3 pages. I could hardly feel more retired than I do now. Every day is pretty much governed by what I’m inclined to do. (My main focus right now is walking every day if possible, and often walking over to Aegis to wave to my mom.) Very little sense of obligation now. I think I’m ready for my next post-retirement journal. šŸ™‚


Michele, You are a Journal Queen! Thanks for sharing your life’s events. I remember you told me once that you wanted to write a book. Have you started on it?


Hi Kay –
I have been following your posts since Day One and I have found each one to be really inspirational. All of them show a great deal of thought, creativity, and hard work on your part. I hope that others are enjoying and getting as much out of your messages as I am.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s uplifting post!


Thanks for sending a comment Randy. I feel insecure without your editing magic. I hope you’re not gritting your teeth as you read my posts. Do you have ideas on the content of my posts? I would love to hear what’s in your brain.