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Creating Magical Moments

If you’re like me, you have probably made some promises to yourself about how to make this year a productive one. We’d all like a  year filled with a sense of accomplishment and personal fulfillment. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that we are bombarded by a myriad of distractions and fail to meet our goals. Weeks fade into months and months accumulate into a year… before we know it, we have forgotten all about our pledges. At least, that’s what always happens to me!

This year, I promised myself that I would not let 2016 slip by without achieving some worthwhile accomplishments by the end of the year. To make certain that I follow through on this commitment, I decided to create a personal development plan that I’m really excited to share with you.

To start with, I chose an easy-to-remember phrase so I can focus on my plan throughout the year. The phrase I chose was “Creating Magical Moments.” Next, I took a piece of paper and wrote down my definition of what “magical moments” look and feel like to me. Here’s what I came up with:

 “A magical moment is a special feeling that I experience. This moment can be very simple or something of powerful magnitude, but what matters most is that that the experience brings delight and joy to my senses. People around me are also touched by being a part of this moment and feel equally happy and inspired.”  

Because I own Studio 904 Hair Salon, my staff and I created a “Magical Moment” blueprint that outlines what we will attempt to do to create memorable moments for each other and for our salon customers. After we developed it, each of us signed our names at the bottom of the plan to show our mutual commitment.


Here is our mission statement and the steps that are included in our plan:

We commit ourselves to act and do things in a way that will create “Magical Moments” for ourselves, family, friends, and customers.
We will…
– Create a colorful and joyful environment by keeping the salon clean and tastefully decorated.
– Play music that is pleasing to the ear.
– Look our best in hair, make-up, and the way we dress every day.
– Treat each other and our customers in a positive way by always being cheerful.
– Smile!
– Let our customers be the center of attention by respectfully listening to them and making them shine.
– Have an attitude of gratitude.
– Create magical moments for the people who need a helping hand in our community.
– Give freely and give everyone more than they expect.
– Raise everyone’s self-esteem by giving honest and uplifting praise.
– Make every day a special day!

Keep in mind that this is just an outline of ideas for my salon. What’s exciting is that you can dissect each line and create a similar “To Do” list for yourself. This list can serve as a foundation for some of the things that you can perform on a daily basis to grow your own personal plan into reality. I truly believe that we can create a better world if we create several magical moments for the people around us during this coming year. The more people we can get on board, the better the world will become!

ordinary magical moments

To help you get started, I am providing a free “To Do” list that I created for myself.  You can download it here. I hope you’ll feel inspired to use my list as an example to create your own list of things you want to focus on for this year. Once your list is finished, it is important to post it somewhere visible or keep track of it in your weekly planner so that it can serve as a daily reminder.

Will you share your ideas with me? Please use the comment section below and tell me how you reach your goals.


jean deguchi


I just love reading about your inspirations and thoughts and just reading your blog this morning, has me in a great happy and thoughtful place. I just wanted to share that I was on a trip with my sister Beth and her husband Bill and just learned so much about a happy life style from them……… much like the thoughts you’ve outlined for your life in your salon.

Thanks so much for sharing and caring, Kay!!!


Thank you, Jean, for sharing your experience. It’s really true that positive energy is contagious! Always wonderful to hear from you.