Power of a SMILE

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I fell while walking my dog last spring and sustained a mouth injury. You can read what happened to me here.
Since then, I’ve gone through a year of dental reconstructive surgeries under the care of the remarkable Dr. Rhys Spoor and his kind and knowledgable staff. They are the best team ever!


This is me after my accident
This is me after my accident

I’m sure that people around me didn’t realize the extent of what I was going through during those months, as I managed to act fairly normal and tried hard to stay positive.

No one knew the constant pain in my mouth caused by internal injuries. The simple act of eating became too much work to fight the pain and swelling inside my mouth. I’d end up saying,  “Bag this eating, I’ll just sip on a smoothie and call it a meal.”

Food has to taste good to be enjoyable, right? Well, for about a year, it wasn’t for me.

This is the dog who came running, causing me to fall.
This is the dog who came running, causing me to fall.

Even with all the support I received from friends, family and my professional team, there were days when I didn’t think I would come out of this funk.

In addition to my discomfort, I felt unattractive. When I smiled, my mouth and teeth appeared crooked. For these reasons, I never smiled when I saw people. I felt self conscious and always tried to hide my mouth and teeth.

Last week, Dr. Spoor did the last touch up on my teeth. He said, “Well Kay, we got it done in one year, aren’t you happy? Now, you can smile!”

This is me today, happy and smiling again!

As I stepped out of his office, I felt so happy. I told myself, “You are like Humpty Dumpty who was put back together again!” I made up my mind to make up for the past year of not smiling.

I’m not ashamed to smile any more. I make it my daily goal to smile as much as I can. At the salon, everyone is telling me, “You look so refreshed, well-rested, and happy. You’re beaming smile is making me happy too!”

Bingo, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. I decided, smiling and sharing my love with everyone I meet is the secret to spreading happiness and good will in the world.

I urge you… try to find a way to build up your self-esteem. Your journey may not be like mine, but I am sure things have happened in your life and you learned valuable lessons from them. One thing I know for sure, when you feel good about yourself, your self confidence goes up. Then it becomes easy to smile and spread your love to others.

Here are my four top tips for creating a happier world:

  1. Be the first to say hello to people, even to strangers.
  2. Give a cheerful smile to everyone who cross your path.
  3. Offer uplifting words to people who need encouragement.
  4. Know that when you share your enthusiasm and positive energy with others, it energizes them and makes them happy too.

The most important lesson I learned after granting myself permission to smile is that I have the power to create a happy day for myself, then pass it on to others.

Now, go and spread your magic everywhere you go, and watch how others will pick up on your energy.

I’d love to hear your ideas so please share them here.



I’m sorry to hear of this experience, Kay. I’m so happy you are able to smile again and have regained your self-esteem!

Ettie Davis

Dear Kay,
I was privileged to meet you recently on the street and can attest to your reaching out to me and Toby with kind friendliness and following up with wanting to get to know us better. Now I know that this is part of the spirit of Kaizen. Also in that spirit is the truism that you get back what you give away: the vibes are infectious. I am so sorry that you were the recipient of such bad behavior in the dog incident; it has made me more aware as I daily walk my grand dog, Rocky. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and learn from you on your blog and in person. Best regards, Ettie


Hi Ettie,
It was nice to meet you and Toby on the street corner the other night. You two got me inspired and excited that there are women like you two living right here in downtown Mercer Island. Two lovely ladies. Looking forward to getting to know you better!


You’re so right, Kay. When we look better, we feel better (though I thought you looked beautiful the whole time). I’m so happy for you that this ordeal is over and that your Doc and his team made the process so smooth.


We need to find a way to more people smile in this world.
Good thing to teach your children so they will get in the habit.

Jana Williams

Hi Kay, We are so happy that you are enjoying your beautiful smile! Its patients like you that make our year! A smile is worth a thousand words and you are a great spokesman!


Thank you Jana for visiting my site and reading my post. Dr. Rhys Spoor, Jamie and you did everything you can to help me stay positive during the past year. You guys are the BEST, thank you so much.


I am glad every thing went well — I didn’t have my whole but only my front tooth –it has been awhile and the other night ate my first corn on the Cobb Somehow I still am worried about my front tooth implant –take care keep smiling —–


Hey Jeanette, thanks for replying from Hawaii. We’ll be seeing you in Hawaii in February, 2016. Hope your front tooth implant will stay sturdy for you.