Practice Artful Giving to Build Strong Relationships

It has been gray and steadily raining for the last several weeks in Seattle. When I greet the clients at my salon, I always try to put a bright smile on my face and approach each one with an enthusiastic, “Hello, how are you doing?” Lately, the most common answer I got was, “I hate all of this rain. The gray skies, in addition to all of the bad news around the world, is really getting me down.” As a result, I decided that I needed to put forth an extra effort to brighten up the salon with colorful decorations. In addition, I wanted to offer some cheerful and thoughtful, handmade gifts for my clients to purchase for themselves or to give as a gift to a special person in their lives.

I immediately got busy that evening after work, creating artful items while burning the midnight oil. Excitedly working throughout the night, my somber mood quickly turned into a feeling of joy and happiness by the time I decided to call it a day. While trying to fall asleep, I had visions of the smiles that would be created by those who would receive one of the gift items I had made that evening.

Take a look at my messy craft table!

When I make arts and crafts, I get totally lost in my own world and don’t pay any attention to the mess I’m creating.

The next day, I received a book that I had previously ordered. It was just released a few months ago by my friend Sherry Belul. The title of this little, but insightful book was, “Say It Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” to the Most Important People in Your Life.” I immediately began reading the book and could not put it down. “She’s so right!” I said out loud, as I turned through the pages. Here is a small excerpt from one of the chapters in her book:  “If you want to make an extra-special impact in your recipient’s day, I’d encourage you to give or send a gift that feels…different, something that’s creative, personalized, and made with love.” 

Upon further reading, I discovered that Sherry had past struggles with depression. During the darkest chapters of her life, she learned that when you send a little love toward someone else and bring a little delight to their day, it makes you feel that much better as well. You feel lighter, brighter, and a little more hopeful about the future – all because of that small connection you’ve shared with another human being.

Please meet lovely and whimsical Sherry Belul by viewing her video. I guarantee that she will bring a feeling of warmth and sunshine to brighten your day. You will soon be humming, “Singing in the Rain,” even if the skies are gray and it has been raining non-stop for several days!

Sherry’s book, “Say it Now: 33 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You” to the Most Important People in Your Life,” is available for purchase on Amazon.   
*I’m trying something new with affiliate links so if you purchase the book through this link, I’ll receive a small percentage of the sale (at no cost to you) to help fund my creative and philanthropic endeavors.

Now, getting back to where I started, here are the gifts I made. I’m sure that sweet ornaments and the face pins will put a big smile on anyone’s face, even when there are dark clouds and drizzly rain in the forecast. 

Sweet Expression Ornaments

These ornaments can be hung anywhere in your home. I’m sure that you will let out a sweet sigh of joy whenever you pass by this sweet ornament. I’ve hand-drawn and painted white bisque ornaments with acrylic paints. Why not gift them to the special people in your life who might be needing little caring attention?

Wood Face Pins

These 1 1/2″ round pins are made of wooden disks. Each pin has a unique look in their facial features and hair colors. They add lots of personalities to your outfits… especially (like me) if you wear basic colors like black, white and grey.

I created a special online gift store, Artful Giving Shop. I would love it if you would do go there and browse through all the art items I offer for sale. Let me know how you liked it. Did it make you happy?


sherry Richert Belul

Thank you SO MUCH for including my book in your wonderful blog! Kay, I really appreciate you and your deep well of creativity + joy!!!


Hi Sherry, Thank you for letting me highlight your book and YOU! I received a lot of positive comments. I think they were uplifted by watching your video. They loved you!

Chloe T

I love your wonderful short reads, Kay. I look forward to more!


Hi Chloe, Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy reading my essays and tips. I’m wondering, what kind of subjects are you interested in?


Such a beautiful post Kay! So uplifting and I love the video of Sherry Belul too. Her book reminds me of an exercise I do with my clients – how to say I love you creatively with your friends and family. I will be sure to remember it next time. Above all, I love your little love gifts. They are just so cute!


Thank you for your comment Ann. I also love your classes too. I love your message and your uplifting doodling!

Karla Aron

What a wonderful post.. so many good points and reminders. And I enjoyed getting to know Sherry Belul, too!


Hi Karla, How are you? I just keep writing and sharing ideas with my readers. Thanks for commenting. It always uplifts my attitude when I hear from you.