Rockets are Going Off in My Head!

I’m beyond excited today. Do you know why?

I just sent off the final manuscript of my new book, Sheer Determination, Swimming Upstream in a Downstream World, to Tamara Monosoff, Book Coach.

My Editors Randy Tada and his sister Wendy have been working feverishly to polish up every sentence in the manuscript to its highest level of quality. They did a teriffic job and I can’t thank them enough.

After taking a deep breath of relief, thinking I can relax a bit, I thought of you, my loyal supporters. I want you to be the first ones to receive this good news and the first ones to see my Introductory Video of Sheer Determination.



Watch My Video: Introduction below

The “official” launch date for Sheer Determination is set for MAY 11, 2017.




Can hardly wait to read your book.


I hope you will like it. I’m very excited about it.

Janet Babs

Looking forward to your new book.
You worked hard and accomplished so much.
Go Kay!!!


It’s been 14 months of work non-stop. I feel like a big rock has been lifted off my shoulders. At the same time, I feel like I need to keep going. Let’s start on our project!

Geri Lynne Egeler

Can’t wait, looking forward to reading your book!


Should we do a play?

Geri Egeler

Um……Maybe, I need to read the book first!

Carolyn Sellars

Congratulations Kay!


Congratulations to you too. Taton and Gianni have been adopted by you and Martin! Thank you for the lovely card.