Scared: 30 Days of Abundance

Welcome to 30 days of Abundance, Day 3. I’m delighted that you are here. Today, I will share some ideas how to transform your “self-love” tags (from Self-Love: Day 2) into whimsical pieces of art that you will enjoy seeing every day!


If you aren’t scared from time to time, you are playing it too safe and aren’t growing.

Ask yourself, “Should I remain safe in my comfort zone or get out and grow?”

You will be surprised at how your energy level substantially increases when you accomplish something you’ve never done before.

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A Fun Project

All right, it’s time to go and find the envelope that contains your “self-love” tags (if you haven’t already done this, go back to Day 2 and do the quick exercise). I know you’ve given some thought about those opinions you wrote about yourself. Now it’s time to put them together in an artful way and the truth is, there is not a wrong way to do this. No matter how you wrote them, it was RIGHT! And now, no matter how you arrange them, it will be just right for you!

The important thing is that you need to arrange them into some form of a creative piece so that it can be visible to your eyes every day so you can begin your day loving yourself first. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a personal vision board and make these tags part of it.
  • Place these tags in your favorite journal or notebook that you use every day.
  • Paste the tags onto a 8×11″ piece of copy paper and pin it on a wall (preferably in your sacred space if you have one.

Here are some photos of the visual pieces I made with my “self-love” tags plus a few folding notebooks I made for future use.

Share Your Thoughts

What did you make with your tags? I’d love to see your finished projects. Can you send them to me at [email protected]? As always, please post comments and ideas below in the comments section below. We all grow by sharing thoughts and ideas with each other.

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Sue Willey

I am catching up…. I needed a few days to come up with my ten tags! I found that I often compare myself to others who (I feel) do things better than I do so I don’t give myself enough credit. I ended up with a large stick figure on a sheet of paper, and put my tags near body parts that seemed appropriate. (e.g. “I like to learn”) is close to my head.

Michele Aoki

I checked out “today’s” project first thing when I opened my email. But, I did not take time in the morning to do the creative part. It’s evening now, and I thought I might not get to it. But while I was waiting for my computer to reboot, I just grabbed a piece of colored paper (light green, as it turned out) and somehow found my 10 slips of paper arranging themselves like a tree. Two strips had a heart on them (from the scrap paper I had chosen to use). I put one at the trunk and the other at the top of the tree. It all just flowed. Thanks for the encouragement to be creative!


Hi Michelle, I’m so glad that you arranged your self-love tags into a tree! I’d love to have you send me a photo of the tree to me via email and I will post it in our group. Of course, if you’d like to keep it for your own view, I understand. PS- thank you for ordering the Magical Mindshifts Card Decks. They were sent out this morning.


You are so creative, Kay! And this is a great way to spread your creativity and a whole lot of positive energy while you’re at it. Thank you!