Self-Love: 30 Days of Abundance

Welcome to 30 days of Abundance! I’m delighted that you are here. As many of you already know, abundance isn’t about things, it’s a state of mind. Please watch my video to learn more about this series and our first Abundance Activity.

search your soul magical mindshift card

An honest self-evaluation is helpful from time to time. Whenever you want a new start, go to the top of the hill in your mind. Think about the experiences and skills you’ve acquired throughout your life’s journey. 

Your Aha Moment!
You realize that you have much to contribute to this world.

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Day 1: Self-Love Abundance Activity

Here is how you can get started, with this fun activity, to begin the process of learning to love yourself. 
  • Find a special tiny box, glass jar, or a hand-made container. This container will become a sacred space where your answers will be deposited.
  • Find bits of scrap paper. You can use anything. I use all kinds of things: brown paper bags, colored construction paper, or even copy papers will do.
  • Cut them into small strips.
  • Go to a quiet space where you can relax and let your guard down. (Oh, don’t forget to bring a steaming cup of your favorite tea to sip while you are writing your thoughts).
  • Ask yourself, Who am I? Then go in front of a mirror and tell yourself, “You are unique and the world is a better place because you are in it.”
  • Pull out ten strips from your jar and write 10 statements about who you are and why you love yourself.
  • Place those ten (or more) tags in an envelope, and label it: Reasons Why I Love Myself. Put it in a safe place.
  • Save the rest of the tags for your next exercise. You will use them again in the near future.

Share Your Thoughts

I love hearing from you! I hope you will use the comments section below to share your wisdom and ideas on the topic of self-love. Everyone benefits when members share.

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Hi Kay. Thank you for letting me know about your 30 Days of Abundance program. It is really interesting and helpful during these mentally draining times.


Thanks for visiting my site and the 30 Days Abundance program Knight. Take care.

Jean Nishi

Thank you, Kay for your first exercise this morning. Writing 10 things about myself made me realize how appreciative and comfortable I am in my own skin. It’s taken 75 years, but I feel I am in a very good place now. Thanks, again Kay for starting my day on a very positive note.


Hey Jean, you’re stepping up! Keep them coming… I want your creative ideas too.

Michele Aoki

Thank you, Kay, for this nice way to start the day. I admire your creativity and am grateful that you’re sharing it.
With love and appreciation,


Hi Michele, Thank you for your nice comment. This is so difficult for me to do… technology, content, the commitment to show-up every day in front of the camera. It makes me feel good that I can help to bring happiness into people’s day. I am just like you, a life-long learner. I push myself to do something that scares me…I know that I will learn a lot after 30 days. One day, I want to offer something like this to the parents who have special needs loved ones. They are isolated and lonely and need something like this. Don’t you think?