Serenity: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 10

I was so moved by this music video by Hauser (see below). I wanted everyone to hear it. I hope that it calms your mind the way it did for me. It has a meditative effect that we all need at this time.

Music is Healing

Sit back, close your eyes and listen….


Savor the peaceful way you feel when you experience true serenity.

Your Task

Take some time to clear your mind and think of nothing.

Your AHA! Moment

When you are serene, you are renewing your mind.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


Jean Nishi

Thanks, Kay. This was a great way to start my morning and future mornings. The news is getting harder and harder to take.


Yup, nothing like beautiful music. It really gets us in another space. Have a nice day!