Sharing a Few of My Personal Thoughts

When I think about the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home quarantine that we are now experiencing, it feels strangely similar to the time when I had a bad fall a few years ago. While walking one early evening with Max, my Terrier dog, another dog owner approached close by. Unfortunately, his dog did not have a leash and immediately lunged at Max. I had to do everything I possibly could to protect him. To make a long story short, I fell during the process and sustained a terrible injury to my mouth; it resulted in 33 stitches and the loss of two teeth.

The dog’s leash wrapped around my legs and I fell face down and sustained a terrible injury to my mouth. It resulted in 33 stitches and the loss of two teeth. This unfortunate incident forced me to sit back, catch my breath, and reevaluate my life.

To make good use of my time while sequestered at home, I decided to start keeping a journal to help make sense of the events, put my life into proper perspective, and formulate a new vision for the future.

My untimely accident made me wonder if the last three months have offered any of you the opportunity to catch your breath in the same way. Of course, life during a world pandemic is harder in so many ways. It’s not solely about us as individuals; it is the tragedy that the whole world is going through while watching the grim news hour after hour on our TV, tablets, and phone screens.

The one thing that the shutdown is forcing all of us to do, however, is to hit “pause” on the way we used to live. It is also giving us more free time to reexamine our lives. For most everyone, our schedules are cleared, we have fewer distractions, and we can no longer hide behind the excuse of “I’m just too busy!” 

Since many of you now have extra moments to reflect, have you noticed that both good and bad things are coming to the surface and being exposed? The familiar patterns and insecurities in the way we do things magically appear when we slow down enough to think about them, right? Our rhythms, habits, desires, and underlying worries are all magnified during these types of traumatic situations.

This process is certainly not an easy one because it makes us feel uncomfortable to think and rethink about our core values. How we decide to make this work, however, is valuable and important, so it is worth a little discomfort. Are you exhibiting these same feelings in your life? If so, ask yourself these questions:  What will we learn from this? What changes will we make because of this? What do we want to keep about this slowed-down pace? What are we excited to get back to?

My Little Art Practice

Can you relate to this drawing? Does it feel like you need to hang on to your life because things are changing and it feels totally out of your control?

In the midst of worrying about catching the virus as well as its economic impact on our lives, let’s make an effort to catch our collective breaths, look for beauty and goodness, and accept the reality that we are going to have to reset to a “new normal.” Someday, I hope that we can look back and see how the time we spent during the COVID-19 quarantine helped us to pivot our lives in the direction of becoming not only more caring and giving persons, but also ones who have developed a strong sense of purpose for improving social consciousness in our world.

I’d love to hear your viewpoint on what the new normal might look like for you. Please leave me a comment below.


Kathryn Rogovy

Kay, I want you to know how meaningful your communications through all of this have been for me. Some have cheered me along, some have encouraged me to move beyond myself, and once I was moved to tears. Throughout it all, it’s as though we have had a guardian angel who, while she cannot change the realities of the situation is, nevertheless with us. For me, this has been a time of deep contemplation — a “time out” from everything I’ve known or believed. This is a challenging yoga pose — one in which we must “be with” the discomfort, not thinking about past or future, concentrating only on our breathing — a time to exercise “patient endurance”. With your wealth of life experience and your willingness and ability to share these with us, you have been our instructor and favorite classmate.


Kasha, thank you so much for sending me your comment. Wow, you express yourself beautifully. You inspired me more than you think. I love what you said, “concentrate only on our breathing”. I will remember what you said and try to practice breathing. See you soon.

Peggy Pomeroy

Thanks for your thoughts Kay. This time does make us think about what is important in life and what isn’t. Being a senior senior citizen, I think about what can I leave my family in memories that they would not have known without me.

I look forward to an appointment with you 🙂



Peggy, you will definitely be remembered as a wonderful woman who displayed and shared unique qualities that inspired others to reach higher goals. I admire you very much.

Joycelyn L. Chinn

The new normal for me is I have a lot of delayed home maintenance to
deal with. I would like to go back into stores to shop, but I know it will
be different initially. Also, I would like to visit my Mom in the assisted care Home & take her out to lunch. Slowly, the SIP is being lifted here in East Bay, California Hopefully, we’ll be able to
go shopping in the stores for much needed appliances soon.


Hi Joycelyn, Thank you for sharing with me. Taking your Mom out will bring so much joy to her day! Yes, we should all be beginning to move around more. I don’t know when my business will get the go sign to open. We’ll be ready when that time comes. Thank you for reading my blog!


Joycelyn, thank you for sharing all your plans as we move towards opening up carefully. Your mother will be so happy to be able to spend time with you. We will learn to appreciate the things that we took for granted before COVID-19. Best Wishes!


Hello my friend…I have missed seeing and talking with you…and am grateful to you for your insights and lovely art and writings. I too have been sequestered and in a new relationship! Stresses and triggers and insights oh my…I find my joy the way I always have, through connecting with the people I care about and learn from and teach…I am full of gratitude for the abundance of love, and the awareness of how fortunate I am to have all my basic needs, my family is well and i have found love again…other than that I look like a skunk who put his foot in a light socket!!! Hope to SEE you soon!!!


Hi Andrea, thank you for sharing your thoughts and events in your life. I’m sure that we were in a group together. Which group did we meet in? So glad to hear that you have a new love in your life! That is enough to keep your life filled with joy during this time.
Take care and stay safe!


So glad that you took the time to connect with me!