Six Ingredients Recipes: 30 Days of Abundance

Thank you all for submitting your favorite six ingredients recipes! These recipes are simple to make and require only a few ingredients. Hopefully, you will have these ingredients available in your kitchen or pantry. Recently I discovered a great go-to-Japanese recipe website called Just One Cookbook. I love this site because every recipe is shown in a video cooking format. Just One Cookbook here.

This simple, so good for you salad dressing was submitted
by Tassie. It tastes great over any greens. Download here.

Michele said she has been making this simple recipe since her kids were young. She is so happy that her grown daughter asked her for the recipe. Download here.

I tried this recipe because it was so simple to make. Download here. If you like gardening and cooking, go to Kevin Lee Jacob’s website, Garden for the Home.

Thank you Tassie for sharing your favorite scone topping with us!
Download here.

Greg is our computer guy. He said he and his family enjoy this salad for dinner almost every night. Download here.

This recipe was submitted by Sunnie who received this delicious rice recipe from her friend Henry. Download here.


Michele Aoki

I enjoyed it too, and I’ll continuing enjoying my card deck!


Thank you Michele!

Jean Deguchi

Dear Kay,
Had sent you a note before, but noticed it wasn’t sent!! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed connecting with you every morning during this trying time!! I waited for you to post your inspirational message each morning, and felt my mood just lighten reading your daily message!! You don’t know how much you’ve helped, especially during the dreaded early days of this pandemic. Thank you so much, Kay. You are truly awe-inspiring and have evolved from this shy 11 year old when I first met you, to this fantastic, fearless, honest, intelligent and most caring beautiful individual who is unafraid to share her heart with us!! Thank you so much!! Jean


Jean, Thank you for sending your positive messages. I’m glad you enjoyed the 30 Days of Abundance. It means a lot to hear from you!