Small Business: 30 Days of Abundance (Day 6)

Welcome to 30 days of Abundance, Day 6. I’m delighted that you are here. Today I’m thinking about how the choices we make can have such a big effect on the world that we create around us. Please watch my video to learn more.

Small Business

Please support your local small businesses whenever possible.

Think about considerate and personal they are. They might even remember the name of your dog or ask about your family.

Many of these business owners are in it for the joy. They’ve reached their goal for the day when they see that customers leave with a happy smile on their faces.

If you’re a small business owner like me, you can probably relate to what I’m saying. You appreciate the difference that your small business makes in creating wins for employees, customers, and the community.

Remember the cute bunny that I pinned to my computer screen?

Here she is. I made her out of a brown grocery bag. What a transformation huh?

She’s my buddy who gives me support and encouragement as I shoot my videos. Isn’t she sweet?

Is there something inspiring that you can post somewhere that you’ll see it every day? Sometimes all it takes is a small visual reminder to snap us out of a negative train of thought. Try it with a photo of a happy memory or a little card or piece of art!

Share Your Thoughts.

Please post your comments and ideas below in the comments section below. When you share thoughts and ideas, you help everyone to grow. Yes, we can grow together!

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Michele Aoki

Dear Kay,
I totally agree about supporting small businesses! Thank you for sharing the stories.

For the past five years or so, I’ve always stopped at Rooster’s Espresso (drive-up) shop right on Lake City Way before getting on the freeway for my morning Chai (with soy or hemp milk). I always give them a generous tip because I worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years and I know how much work it is. Now, with COVID-19, Rooster’s is still serving drinks because they are “take-out.” I walk up there several times a week and get my regular hemp chai. It feels good to check in on them and show my appreciation. I’ve walked to other neighborhood places to get take-out. I’ve bought some gift cards from other places. I look forward to shops opening up again and I’ll definitely visit the small businesses.

Take care, Michele


That’s great Michele. Chai with soy or hemp milk and hemp chai sounds exotic. I will have to try them. Don’t forget, you supported a small business when you purchased the two card decks. Thank you so much!