Sola & Beah’s Plea: 30 Days of Abundance, Day 13

I spotted this book in a Japanese book store in Shinjiku about six years ago. This story of Sola and Bea, Polar Bear siblings, really hit my heart so deep that I bought it and brought it home. Since then, this little book stands in the corner of my craft table, always reminding me that I am the one who can help them to find their Mother Bear.

Who can stop

their tears?


Turning Trash into Treasure

Yesterday, I went through my pantry and decided to clean and downsize unnecessary things. I was shocked to find so many paper bags that I had accumulated… I mean it was a lot of paper bags!

I made them into these origami folded gift boxes. I must say, I was very pleased with how they came out. I felt like it was a huge transformation like a butterfly flew out of a cocoon. These little boxes would make perfect gift-wrapped packages to enclose gift cards, candy or other smaller items. I also made various painted flowers and butterflies to give the boxes some color and texture. Do you like them?

I hope you liked the story of Sola and Beah and took their plea to heart. What are you willing to do to help them? Please post your comments below.


Michele Aoki

Natalya a craftsy person? I would say so. She also did stamping throughout middle and high school. She does not have much free time (being a Navy officer and helicopter pilot now), but I’m sure it will creep into her life again.


Those traits often lay dormant until she reaches a certain point in her life. Wait, it will show up one day!

Janet Baba

Love your grocery store bags. A great way to
save boxes, by making your own. I’m going to make boxes too!
Now that I have watercolor paints you recommended,
I can paint my grocery store boxes.

Thank you for your great ideas, that can help save the earth!


Glad you found the boxes an interesting project for you to work on. Too bad we’re not able to take out own bags into the stores at this time.

Michele Aoki

I shared this one with my daughter Natalya. She used to make little origami boxes to help organize paperclips, etc. in my office supply drawer. This sounds like her. Thanks for sharing, Kay.


Did Natalia grow up to be a craftsy person?