Sound of War…Again

Hello Friends, checking in to see how you are doing. I hope the coming of longer days and sunlight is helping you to feel refreshed and hopeful about our future. This early morning, as I look out the window in front of my desk, I see birds fluttering amongst the tree branches and a man taking his dog for his morning walk. I also see crows on the ground looking for their breakfasts. I appreciate the joy of watching these simple things and realize how precious everything and every minute in life is.

I don’t know how many of you know this but I wrote a memoir, Keiko’s Journey, a story of me growing up after World War II in Kyushu, Japan. I’d like to share Chapter One of that book with you. This story will be published as an article in the North American Post in a few weeks, as it is appropriate for the viewers as another atrocious war is taking place in Ukraine. The Editor asked me to draw a watercolor picture of the scene in this chapter so I did.

This is a scene where my older friend Mari is leading me down the hill as the loud noises from the sirens are warning us that American planes are over our head and we must head to the bomb shelters.

Please watch is book trailer video I made for my book, Keiko’s Journey.

Here is Chapter 1 of my book.

Chapter 1: Siren

If you are interested in purchasing Keiko’s Journey to read the rest,

purchase it here.

Thank you for reading my story. Let’s share our stories and experiences. Do you know of people who has gone through the atrocities of war? War is one thing that changes everyone’s lives instantly. Many are left behind to cope with their painful memories of the atrocities of war. Let’s continue to pray and preserve unity and peace.


Gwen Fujie

Hi, I am a friend of Patti Luke from Hawaii. My late sister was one of Patti’s closest friends and after Geri passed I became close to Patti too sharing our sorrow over my sister’s untimely death. How nice of you to help Ginger’s Pet Rescue. I will look into your book and tell my friends in Hawaii about it. All the best wishes in your many lovely and compassionate endeavors.

With aloha, yoroshiku,
Gwen Fujie


Hi Gwen,so nice to meet you. I think I too connected with Patti Luke because of her sister, Ginger Luke. I believed in the work that Ginger was doing through her rescue program and helped her throughout the years. I attended the Hawaii Book Festival about five years ago and showed my books there. My husband has a couple of cousins there and I had a lot of fun with them supporting me at the Book Festival. Also, my books were sold at the Japanese Cultural Center in Hawaii. Yes, I love Hawaii!