Spring Flower Fever + a Gift for You


For eight years, I’ve been joyfully stamping, drawing, painting and making pretty things and I want to share my excitement with you.

When people see the things I’ve made, they often say, “I wish I could make things like this, but I don’t have a creative bone in my body!”

My answer to them is, “Yes, you do have creative bones in your body and yes, you can do it!”

I believe using our hands to make things fulfills a natural human desire. Here’s some advice … don’t measure yourself against what you think art should be. Think of art purely for your own enjoyment — there is no right or wrong. Enjoy the process and make art to please yourself.

When I am creating things, I’m totally lost in my dreams plus I can see a fresh perspective on life. More than the enjoyment of seeing the end result of my art, I enjoy the process. It gives me an incredible feeling when my watercolor-filled brush touches the surface of my paper and the magic of flowing color appears.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to create imaginary flowers. I think it has to do with the arrival of spring and my desire to surround myself with uplifting colors like I see in nature. With so many things blooming all around town, I went a little overboard. Do you think I’m crazy? I couldn’t stop painting more and more flowers, using the beautiful watercolors in my palette.

Plus, I created a special spring gift for you. You can download it HERE to make pretty things for yourself. These flowers and cute bunnies can be cut out (be sure to leave a little space around the edges) and pasted onto cards, tags, or anything else. Please let me know how you plan to use these flower and bunny images in your own creative ways.

Do you like them? Please visit my salon, Studio 904 if you are interested in purchasing selected items.




Lovely, lovely–each image made me smile. But the bunny has my heart!

Create on and on. . . .


Hey Sharon, tell me what you will do with your favorite bunny. They are cute aren’t they? I’m on a bunny kick. I’m drawing them in all different forms.